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    Does Bain’s Stake in Toms Shoes Prove Socially-minded Business’s Are No Joke?

    Aug 28 • Business, Fashion • 8 Views

    Photo by: micah ogle

    What is the key to profit for the next generation of consumers? Bain Capital thinks it is purpose. Last week, the private equity firm took a 50% stake in Toms, a socially-conscious footwear company valued at $625m (£377m). Toms pioneered the “buy one give one” model of conscious commerce. They give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell.

    Toms will use this capital to expand more rapidly than it otherwise would be able to on its own. Bain will bring operational expertise including a new CEO to oversee the expansion and leverage its experience growing retail brands such as Canada Goose, Michaels and Dunkin’ Brands.

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    A Natural Food Wholesaler Run By Workers

    Aug 28 • Business, Featured, Health • 13 Views

    photo by: pshutterbug

    Julius Nicholson starts his working week in the office at Suma Wholefoods, fielding customer enquiries. On Tuesday, he’s in the kitchen, perhaps rustling up a North African tagine lunch for more than 100 workmates. Wednesday is a day off for family duties. On Thursday, you’ll find him wrapped up in layers, driving a forklift inside the refrigeration unit. And on Friday, it’s back to the office in a marketing role, which might involve writing for the website or working with the design team to come up with copy for adverts.

    This multiplicity of roles is fairly typical for workers at the West Yorkshire-based natural foods wholesale cooperative. What’s more, everyone is paid exactly the same rate of £13 an hour. With almost 200 members, Suma is thought to be the largest organisation in Europe operating an equal pay policy.

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    Better Business For A Greater Good With The eGood Swipe App

    Aug 27 • Business, Featured, Tech • 0 Views

    Credit card payment processing is confusing. Since eGood is about creating better businesses for a greater good, we’re here to help fix that. Soon, we’ll be launching a mobile payment app where businesses can swipe credit and debit cards at reduced rates, while giving back to a cause of their choice. Yes, we’re well aware of Square, Amazon’s Local Register, PayPal and other similar apps. We love that they’re making the sign up process simpler, while making it easy to know what you’re paying. We’ll be doing that too, but we’re including some key extras that we believe will make eGood Swipe your best choice for accepting mobile payments.

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  • Amazing

    The 8 Amazing Women Speaking At The 2014 Social Good Summit

    Aug 19 • Entertainment, Events, Featured, Some More Popular Posts • 492 Views

    photo by: photologue_np

    The 2014 Social Good Summit is approaching and the speaker list has finally been announced. There may be more speakers on the horizon, but as of this moment here at the 8 Amazing Women Speaking At The 2014 Social Good Summit. This year they have a very good variety from all across different sectors speaking about what different causes and campaigns going on around the world.

    Lily Cole - Model/Actress and Founder Impossible.com

    As a model she had graced her first British Vogue by the age of 16. As an academic she graduated with Double First Class Honours in Art History from Cambridge University in 2011. She is a promising young British actress with three new film releases out this year. She is an ambitious supporter of ethical causes and lends real support to her favourite charities, including the WLT and the EJF to whom she is a patron. As a result of her long-term commitment to ethical causes Lily became The Body Shop’s first ever global brand advocate in 2012, working alongside the brand in a two year partnership to deliver their “capitalism as a force for good” ethos.And this year Lily will realise a personal dream with the launch of Impossible.com, a social media platform she has created to facilitate an alternative gifting economy. The project will launch in the autumn after two years planning, with a board of advisors including Brian Boylan (Wolff Olins), Tom Uglow (Google Creative Lab) and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia). Follow Lily on twitter here

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    Life Equals Bringing Social Impact In Vitamin Form

    Aug 18 • Business, Featured, Health • 139 Views

    photo by: solar photographers


    Social Change Nation is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcast to listen to. Hosted by Josh Schukman, the podcast features interviews with social enterprises all over the world changing the business  landscape. When you get a chance please check out his podcast and blog. He brings a we lath of information to the social enterprise arena and is passionate about social change.


    One of my favorites podcast he has done so far features LifeEquals, a vitamin company, which uses a one for one model to distribute vitamins to underished children around the world. Malnourishment can be directly tied to some of the largest health issues in developing nations, Kyle and the team at Life Equals are tackling one of the world’s most pressing problems with their business. As you will hear, Kyle brings a special passion and heart to this work, and we at Social Change Nation can learn much from the example set by him and his team.

    Life Equals started with a single product called Focus & Energy, a product that founder, Kyle FitzGerald, needed himself. Kyle, like many others has long struggled to drink anything with caffeine. His quest for alternative sources of caffeine without the typical side effects was the inspiration for our vitamin and supplement business – Life Equals.
    Kyle, like many other millennials has an deep desire to give back. Kyle is a passionate traveler and has experienced many different people and cultures. Realizing how fortunate we are to live in America, Kyle decided to stitch the one-for-one model into Life Equals. So the idea was born that Life Equals would offer the highest quality, most bioavailable vitamins that not only make your life better, but could would have a deep and long lasting impact on children in need throughout the world.

    Listen to the podcast here and subscribe to the Social Biz Showcase here.



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  • HARK! (1)

    11 Great Resources For Social Impact News

    Aug 13 • Business, Featured, Some More Popular Posts • 462 Views

    photo by: David Spinks 


    There are so many news sources out there that sometimes its difficult to find the stuff we are interested in. Here are 11 Great Resources For Social Impact News that I have found useful. If you have any other suggestions please let me know and I can update the list as we go.


    Stanford Social Innovation Review 

    Stanford Social Innovation Review is an award-winning magazine and website that covers cross-sector solutions to global problems. SSIR is written for and by social change leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors who view collaboration as key to solving environmental, social, and economic justice issues. Published at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford UniversitySSIRbridges academic theory and practice with ideas about achieving social change. SSIR covers a wide range of subjects, from microfinance and green businesses to social networks and human rights. Its aim is both to inform and to inspire. Follow them on twitter here.

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  • stand4 app

    Q&A With Andy Hill Founder of STAND4

    Aug 7 • Featured, Interviews, Tech • 330 Views


    Stand4 is a social impact app that empowers people to change the world without donating a dime. Download the app today.


    Let’s first talk about how this idea came about and when was the ah-ha moment, when you said ok I want to really launch this?
    About 9 months ago, my partners and I started studying the social and economic philosophies on why people give and what we found very interesting is that when an individual gives, they’re doing it because giving carries with it a sense of fulfillment; a sentiment, unlike any other, that is fostered in the belief that their contributions lead to a better, more desirable world. But we, as individual givers, never get to see our impact on the world, whether it be with a single event or as a collective sum. And therefore our fulfillment is minimized by an outdated charitable system. 
    At Stand4 we were founded in a belief that the way we change the world hasn’t changed in 150 years. We believed (and still do) that there are causes and stories that resonate with each of us, and we are intrinsically motivated to help. So Stand4 set out to create a new system. One where we could support what we care about further than our wallets would allow and even more importantly, then be able to see the exact impact our support helped accomplish.

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  • 7 Quotes (1)

    7 Quotes from Social Innovators To Get You Ready For The Day

    Aug 6 • Business, Featured, Some More Popular Posts, Tech • 735 Views

    picture by: Steve Jurvetson


    Here are 7 Quotes from Social Innovators To Get You Ready For The Day. The one thing that is really cool about this blog, is that I get to interact with really cool people. I reached out to some of them and asked them one simple question.  If I gave you one sentence to inspire the next generation of Social Innovators what would that sentence be? Below is what these seven inspiring individuals said. 

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  • THE most (1)

    The 10 Most Intriguing & Inspiring Ideas From 1 Million Cups

    Aug 3 • Business, Featured, Some More Popular Posts, Tech • 591 Views

    photo by: johnmeyer2

    1 Million Cups (1MC) is a simple way to engage entrepreneurs in communities around the world. Each week, the 1MC program offers two local entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their startups to a diverse audience of mentors, advisors, and entrepreneurs. Presenters prepare a 6 minute educational presentation and engage in 20 minutes of feedback and questioning after they present. Entrepreneurs gain insight into possible ways they can improve their businesses, gather realtime feedback, connect with a community that truly cares about their progress, and walk away feeling like they have advanced their business. The audience also learns a great deal from the presentations. Whether this is through passively listening or deeply engaging with the entrepreneurs, there is much to learn every week from these dynamic and diverse communities. Below is a list of some of the most interesting, engaging, and inspiring ideas from the 1MC collection of presentations. Follow them on twitter here. 

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    Q&A with Kashinath Bhoosnurmath Senior Director of International Programs at Operation Eyesight

    Jul 29 • Featured, Health, Interviews • 432 Views

    Operation Eyesight is a Canada-based international development organization dedicated to eliminating avoidable blindness in developing countries. Their vision is for all the world to see. They have been working since 1963 to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world. Today, Operation Eyesight is directly active in India and the African countries of Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. Operation Eyesight invests in sustainable treatment, prevention and community development activities to address specific eye health problems as well as the root causes of blindness. Check out their website or blog, or watch their latest videos here. Follow Operation Eyesight on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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