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15 Reasons Why Travel Changes Everything

15 Reasons Why Travel Changes Everything

Home and routine are nice. Sure. We’re huge fans of putting in the work everyday and hanging out at our favorite local places. But, there’s something about stepping away from that into a new place or a new culture. It requires something else. The act of pursuing travel conveys an eagerness to try and learn and see. It necessitates stepping far away from routine and comfort. And to be honest, it changes everything.


1. You’ll realize just how big and marvelous this world is.
2. You’ll realize how many beaches there are to swim in & mountains there are to climb.
3. You’ll realize how much good there is to do.
4. You’ll see how kindness overpowers all language barriers.
5. You’ll realize how many stories and people there are to discover.
6. You’ll taste things you’ve never tasted.
7. You’ll get uncomfortable. You may even miss home. That’s okay.
8. You’ll realize how we are all pretty similar.
9. You’ll recognize how we all need help. We all want to be loved & understood.
10. You’ll face your greatest strengths and weaknesses. A lot.
11. You’ll learn that friends can be made anywhere.
12. You’ll appreciate your home team.
13. You’ll grow. Immeasurably.
14. You’ll return home already planning the next adventure.
15. You’ll never stop wanting to try, learn and see more.


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