7 Social Good Items For Your Winter Wardrobe(Women’s Edition)


Winter is here. Below are some social good items to add to your Winter Wardrobe this season.

beyondBeanie – GREEN INTI


beyondBeanie is a social clothing company that makes awesome beanies and accessories.  Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her work while helping to provide meals, school supplies, school uniforms and dental care to children in need.



Cotopaxi creates innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief, move people to do good, and inspire adventure. Cotopaxi funds solutions that address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. As a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, Cotopaxi has made a commitment to creating positive social impact.

Krochet Kids – Saturdays Sweater


Krochet Kids a lifestyle brand & an innovative non-profit. Their mission is to empower people to rise above poverty. The foundation of the organization and actions there within can be summarized in one word… LOVE. They believe actions rooted in love are able to make change in a world that truly needs it.

Mitscoots – THE GINNY – WOMEN’S


MItscoots is a company that was born from the dire need for socks among the less fortunate. They saw a problem and are doing something about it. Three things in fact.   They sell 100% great American gear. For every item you purchase, they will give an equal quality item to someone in need. And finally, they take pride in employing the transitioning homeless.

Indigenous – Reversible Cardigan Black Stripe


Indigenous was 2013’s winner of the Womenswear Category for the Ethical Fashion’s Source Awards, Indigenous is known for clothing and accessories at are as ethical and sustainable as they are beautiful. Using organic cotton, naturally sourced alpaca and soft merino wool and dyes that are eco-friendly, Indigenous employs over 1,5000 artisans in South America to produce their graceful sustainable designs. An original pioneer in world organic and fair trade fashion Indigenous continues to blaze the trail almost 20 years since launching their brand.



ECOALF is born to prove that a truly sustainable fashion brand is possible without sacrificing aesthetics. Where others see trash, they see potential luxury goods. Thanks to the most advanced technologies in recycling, they transform wasted materials like fishing nets, plastic bottles, tires and even coffee leftovers into high quality fabrics and then into designer clothes.



Manufacturing bags, cases and accessories with locally sourced textiles, Della is a fashion line that employs 55 individuals in Hohoe, Ghana, while also providing literacy classes and money-management training.

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