8X Ventures Discusses the Potential of DeepTech to Empower Billions of Lives Around the World

8x Ventures Discusses the Potential of DeepTech

In episode 48 of the Investing in Impact podcast, I speak with Chirag Gupta, Managing Partner at 8X Ventures, on investing in Deep Tech and its potential to impact the world for billions of people.

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Chirag has 15+ years experience in venture capital, startup mentoring, strategy design, strategy execution, organisation design, investment banking and business analytics.

He trained in Strategy, Finance, Human Capital and Statistics by top global universities – Harvard University, University of Chicago, Nanyang Technological University and the University of Delhi.

He has award-winning experience in managing C-suite clients for building organizational level strategic frameworks, organization restructuring, and strategic manpower planning.

8x Ventures Discusses the Potential of DeepTech to Empower Billions of Lives Around the World

About 8X Ventures

8X Ventures invest and enable startups that will lead disruptive innovation and create sustainable value to industries and economies.

Focus areas include:

Geographies: Asia (primarily India and Singapore), MENA (primarily UAE, KSA, and Egypt), and Europe

Industries: CleanTech (primarily Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Solutions), Smart logistics, Smart mobility, and Industry 4.0

Technologies: Artificial intelligence (AI), Big data, 3D printing, Robotics, and Internet of things (IoT)

What is DeepTech?

DeepTech is a term used to describe technology that is based on using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to build companies that solve intricate problems.

It has the potential to transform industries and solve problems that have traditionally been considered difficult or impossible to solve.

Companies are using DeepTech to create new products and services, and to improve existing ones. They are also using it to enter new markets and to create new business models.

DeepTech is still in its early stages of development, but it has already begun to have a significant impact on the world. In the future, DeepTech will likely have an even greater impact as it continues to develop and mature.

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