My mission is to empower and inspire one million social entrepreneurs, conscious consumers, and impact professionals, who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable and regenerative world.

Hi, I’m Grant, creator of Causeartist.

Causeartist was founded in 2013 with a powerful vision: to illuminate the path towards a more sustainable and regenerative business future. I believe that by showcasing the remarkable innovations emerging in the sustainable and regenerative economy, we can inspire and empower individuals to make a positive impact on the world.

Since its inception, Causeartist has been a platform for meaningful conversations and insightful interviews. With over 800 interviews conducted with social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and leaders of change from every corner of the globe, Causeartist has resonated in more than 150 countries.

I curate and deliver the Causeartist Weekly newsletter, a comprehensive resource that keeps subscribers informed about the latest trends, developments, and success stories in the sustainable and regenerative space.

Additionally, I host two impactful podcasts: the Disruptors for GOOD podcast and the Investing in Impact podcast.

By showcasing the stories of those who are paving the way and providing valuable resources, I aim to catalyze a global movement towards a smarter, more conscious economy.

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