ACRE DAOs is Using Web3 Technologies to Help Scale Impact Investing

ACRE DAOs Impact Investing

In episode 36 of the Investing in Impact podcast, I speak with Kianga Daverington, Managing Partner at Acre of America and ACRE DAOs, on using the application of distributed ledger technologies to scale impact investing.

Kianga is the Managing Partner at Acre of America Partners LP, a Hudson Valley, New York impact investment firm focused on the application of distributed ledger technologies to solve problems for rural communities.

ACREinvest is their new blockchain venture focused on creating compelling Web3 infrastructure, virtual network services and social incentives for DAOs and other peer-to-peer permissionless stakeholders. They recently launched ACRE DAOs, a Web3 portal for a decentralized impact investment club and its related community ERC20 token: ACRE Impact.

The mission at ACREinvest is to regenerate the way capital markets work & for whom.

Kianga’s legal career began as a Corporate Associate at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in New York City after graduating from Spelman College and Yale Law School. In later in-house roles she supported the fixed-income derivatives, FX, derivatives prime brokerage and energy trading businesses at Goldman Sachs, and derivatives and physical commodities trading at Lehman Brothers.

ACRE DAOs is Using Web3 Technologies to Scale Impact Investing

When Lehman collapsed in 2008, Kianga left Wall Street and founded a new media (internet and social media) communications business for the arts. Her work included a curatorial and experimental exhibitions program, Kianga Ellis Projects, featuring emerging artists who were commenting on technological change or using digital technology in their practice.

After returning to the law in 2014, she founded a boutique derivatives and commodities trading law firm, Daverington PLLC, and began focusing full-time on the crypto assets and distributed ledger technology sector in 2017.

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