Aigen Raises $12M to Scale AI-Powered Solar Robot Fleet for Sustainable Farming

Aigen Raises $12M to Scale AI-Powered Solar Robot Fleet for Sustainable Farming

Agtech startup Aigen recently closed a $12 million Series A funding round to expand its fleet of solar-powered agricultural robots. The round was led by ReGen Ventures with participation from NEA, Cleveland Avenue, Incite and Susquehanna Private Equity Investments.

Funding to Scale Manufacturing and Capacity

The new capital will allow Aigen to increase manufacturing to meet high pre-order demand for its sustainable farming robots. Aigen plans to build a 7,500 square foot manufacturing and R&D facility to produce its solar-powered robotic fleet at scale.

To date, the startup has raised $19 million total to realize its vision for technology-driven sustainable and regenerate agriculture.

Aigen Raises $12M to Scale AI-Powered Solar Robot Fleet

“Aigen is building a future where both people and the planet thrive, and ReGen is thrilled to be supporting their journey.” – Rose Marcario, Partner at ReGen Ventures and former CEO of Patagonia

Eliminating Chemicals Through AI-Powered Robots

Founded in 2020, the comapny has developed fully autonomous robots that manage crops without reliance on chemicals or fossil fuels.

The robots use AI, machine learning, solar power and advanced battery technology to sustainably monitor and tend to agricultural fields.

Aigen’s Element robots are the first and only agricultural tech enabling truly solar-powered, autonomous crop management without harmful herbicides.

They provide an eco-friendly solution to control weed growth efficiently at scale.

“Aigen wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago, because the technology wasn’t there,” said Aigen co-founder and CTO Rich Wurden. Recent advances in AI, robotics, solar and batteries enabled Aigen’s chemical-free, sustainable approach.”

“Agriculture is the intersection of human health and planetary health and that’s why we focused on creating technology for farmers that is both profitable and sustainable,” said co-founder and CEO Kenny Lee.

Aigen Founders

Empowering Farmers Through Sustainable Technology

Aigen’s solar robotics service aims to transform outdated, unsustainable agricultural practices.

The Element robots free farmers from reliance on chemical herbicides that are harmful to human and soil health. Instead, Aigen’s fleet leverages the power of the sun and intelligent software to eliminate weeds autonomously.

This provides farmers with a modern solution that improves sustainability and efficiency.

Aigen Debuting on Farms

Aigen Debuting on Farms in 2024

With its new funding and manufacturing plans, the company is poised to deploy its solar-powered robot fleet on over 20,000 acres of U.S. farmland in 2024.

This will pave the way for transformative sustainable agriculture practices.

Aigen’s chemical-free, regenerative approach combines the latest technology with farming know-how to drive innovation.

The startup’s autonomous solar robots are pioneering the future of environmentally-responsible, financially-viable 21st century farming.

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