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The Andrew Goodman Foundation is on Mission to Make Young Voices a Powerful Force in Democracy

The Andrew Goodman Foundation is on Mission to Make Young Voices a Powerful Force in Democracy

Andrew Goodman Foundation Podcast

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In episode 108 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, we speak with Alexandria Harris, President of The Andrew Goodman Foundation, on her mission to make young voices and votes a powerful force in democracy.

Alexandria “Alex” Harris is the President of The Andrew Goodman Foundation. In her role, she is responsible for activating the Foundation’s goals and vision through the strategic and sustainable growth of the organization. Alexandria first became passionate about voting when she was in elementary school.

She participated in many local and national campaigns, organized and registered students to vote on campus, and successfully lobbied the Georgia State Legislature to enact a law that allowed a voter to cast a provisional ballot if they believed they were entitled to vote. The law was the precursor to the Provisional Vote Law enjoyed across the United States today.

Alexandria Harris, President of The Andrew Goodman Foundation

Alexandria practiced corporate law for nearly a decade. She left the law to become a social entrepreneur, opened a school, and has since helped nonprofits around the world scale. She earned a B.A. from Spelman College and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Alex typically spends her free time playing outside with her husband, two small boys, and Mini Schnauzer, Langston Hughes.

About The Andrew Goodman Foundation

The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s mission is to make young voices and votes a powerful force in democracy by training the next generation of leaders, engaging young voters, and challenging restrictive voter suppression laws. The Foundation’s Vote Everywhere program partners with America’s colleges and universities to provide resources, visibility, and mentoring to a national network of student leaders who involve their peers in participatory democracy through long-term voter engagement, public policy, and social initiatives.

The organization is named after Andrew Goodman, a 20-year old Freedom Summer volunteer, and champion of equality and voting rights who was murdered in 1964 while registering African Americans to vote in Mississippi.

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