Anshul Magotra: How Social Innovation Circle Supports Impact Entrepreneurs

How Social Innovation Circle Supports Impact Entrepreneurs

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In Episode 66 of the Investing in Impact podcast, Causeartist contributor, Rafael Aldon, speaks with Anshul Magotra, cofounder and partner at Social Innovation Circle.

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Anshul shares her journey from a career in banking to working in the impact venture sector.

She also talks about how she stumbled into the world of social innovation through volunteering at Ashoka, where she discovered the power of social entrepreneurs and their innovative solutions.

This experience led Anshul to co-found Social Innovation Circle, an organization that supports social entrepreneurs and impact investors.

Anshul emphasizes the importance of funding for social entrepreneurs and the need for expertise in finance and business to help them scale their impact.

She also highlights the role of angel investors and the creation of a syndicate to increase the flow of capital into social enterprises.

Anshul also touches on their unique business model, which revolves around coaching, capital, concepts, and community.

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Enjoy the interview.

Anshul Magotra - Social Innovation Circle

About Social Innovation Circle

The Social Innovation Circle (SIC) is a unique coaching platform tailored for social innovators seeking to secure financing. It’s designed to foster a supportive environment where change-makers can find the necessary resources to amplify their impact.

The Social Innovation Circle is rooted in the belief that by equipping social entrepreneurs with tailored coaching, insightful resources, comprehensive educational materials, and access to essential funding, they can effectively scale their solutions and make a significant impact.

The initiative leverages a wealth of experience and networks to cultivate a nurturing space for growth, collaboration, and social change.

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