Artists Collaborate With Indonesian School Kids On New T-Shirt Designs



Artists like Ricardo Cavolo, Cody Hudson, Jimmy Turrell and Bryce Wymer collaborated with Indonesian school kids to create a brand new Face This T-shirt collection. Face This T-shirts are creative collaborations between renowned artists and Indonesian school kids. With this collection the foundation celebrates its 10th year anniversary. As always, the proceeds of the tees will be used to improve the specific schools of the kids who made the drawings.


Ricardo Cavolo: ‘Collaborating with a kid was just a dream’


All artists involved created their Face This T-shirts using an Indonesian kids’ drawing. Ricardo Cavolo explains why this is so interesting for him as an artist: ‘I’m really interested in that ‘Naïf’ way of drawing from kids. All artists try to get back to that way of working. So being able to collaborate with a kid is just a dream.’ Artist Cody Hudson agrees:  ‘I think there is an honesty in children’s work. It’s not something you can fake.’ For this 2018 T-shirt collection the following artists created a T-shirt using Indonesian kids’ drawings: Ricardo Cavolo, Cody Hudson, Jimmy Turrell, Bryce Wymer, Stina Persson, Martina Paukova, Penfold and Claudine O’Sullivan.




Creating tees using Indonesian kids’ drawings


With this brand new T-shirt collection, the Dutch based Face This foundation celebrates its 10th years anniversary. From its inception on, this charity creates its T-shirts using Indonesian kids’ drawings. ‘Once we located a school in need, we set up an art class with the kids. We then sent out those drawings to artists from all over the world to create a T-shirt using those drawings and then the proceeds were used to improve the Indonesian school’, explains Jos van der Hoek who co-founded Face This with his girlfriend Jelka Priem in 2008.


Face This T-shirt collection


Proceed of the tees


In the 10 years of existence, Face This has worked with three schools located on the Indonesian islands of Java, Lombok and Flores. To celebrate its anniversary the foundation selected one drawing from each school and handed these three drawings over to the collaborating artists. The proceeds of this collection will be divided over the three schools enabling them to provide better education to their pupils.





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