Introducing The Social Impact App Connecting Consumers To Retailers Passionate About Charitable Giving



Introducing beam, the social impact app turning everyday retail experiences into opportunities for social good. The app encourages users to donate corporate dollars to causes dear to them by visiting retailers they love, hence connecting customers with brands passionate about and committed to various charitable and social causes. Supported charities include: Days for Girls, Hudson Guild, Chef’s Collaboration, Family Farm Disaster Fund and International Rescue Committee.




“We’re really proud to be one of beams early partners, and we’ve already reaped some amazing benefits in working together, particularly in engaging millennials,” said Jason Scheer, Founder and CEO of Think Coffee. “beam users take the time to understand where they shop and what those retailers stand for. I expect we’ll see continued growth in brand loyalty and an increase in bottom-line sales as consumers engage with our brand in new and meaningful ways via beam”.


With a behind-the-scenes team of app gurus, including CEO and co-founder Viveka Hulyalkar, a previous consultant at McKinsey & Company, and CTO and co-founder, Alexandra Salvatore, a previous iOS developer at Tinder, it’s no wonder the app is succeeding in creating brand loyalty and building hyper-engaged communities.


As the official launch date of the iOS app, download beam today by clicking here!




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