Beautyologie is Redefining the Beauty Industry by Putting Humanity and the Environment at the Forefront

Beautyologie is Redefining the Beauty Industry

In episode 130 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast I speak with Robin Tolkan-Doyle, founder of Beautyologie, on redefining the beauty industry for consumers by putting humanity and the environment at the forefront.

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In her mid-twenties, after working for several media outlets including People magazine and Channel One News, Robin Tolkan-Doyle landed a coveted position as a beauty editor for an inspirational teen magazine where she tested and wrote about every beauty product ever created.

Years of freelance writing and editing for several publications and websites followed along with the creation of her own beauty accessory brand—Wrap Star—which graced the pages of national magazines and the shelves of well-known shops on Fifth Avenue and Robertson Blvd.

Ultimately, the public relations and marketing world of beauty and fashion accessories is where Robin spent 15 years, running the boutique agency Charmed PR.

Among many career highlights, Robin takes great pride in creating a cult-following for the foot care product Baby Foot, generating enough brand awareness and media attention for clean beauty brands The Better Skin Co. and C’est Moi Beauty to land large national sales accounts, and assisting the award-winning documentary Toxic Beauty to make waves in the media, so much so that Johnson & Johnson removed their talc-formulated products from U.S. shelves in May 2020.

Beautyologie is Redefining the Beauty Industry by Putting Humanity and the Environment at the Forefront

Beauty has always been at the forefront of Robin’s professional life, but more recently, her passion shifted from promoting products for press attention to the intention and origin stories behind them.

Right before the pandemic, Robin took a trip to India which completely transformed her outlook on the consumer industry. Witnessing firsthand how western consumer behavior affects a developing country, she decided she didn’t want to perpetuate this cycle any longer.

With 25 years of experience in beauty and the media, she is now using her knowledge as a force for good in an industry she loves.

With Beautyologie, Robin created a beauty marketplace for consumers who want their money to go to businesses that treat people fairly and ethically.

She is proud to present and uplift brands with products that truly make a difference, not just on the surface of your skin, but in the world we live in.

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