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Causeartist Contributor Submission Guidelines

Causeartist is a global community of conscious consumers, social entrepreneurs, business leaders, and the individuals who support them, who believe social enterprise can positively impact the world. We seek to share stories by — and for — this community.

Our editorial team believes that everyone — from shoppers and workers to entrepreneurs and investors — can change the world by making decisions that benefit the people and places around them. Armed with the determination to discover, learn and grow, we know we all already have what it takes to be a Causeartist.

The Types of Stories We Are Looking For

We seek to share stories that inspire individuals to live into their potential as changemakers, either through their purchasing decisions, their startup venture, their current day job, or their investments. 

Our stories also should inform and educate, so that one example can be used to create a ripple of impact and to empower others to take action or a leap in their own lives and communities.

We’re also interested in the big-picture thought leadership on economic and entrepreneurship macro trends, including in equity and inclusion, climate action, and social justice. These stories should provide the context for the individual examples that are moving us toward a better, more just and economy for all.

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Who We’re Reaching

With the story ideas we’re interested in, there are different audiences that make up the community of people using business as a force for good:

Shoppers: Products with impact; lifestyle decisions that incorporate ways people can support innovative, purpose-first enterprises.

Entrepreneurs: Tools and resources to build a social enterprise; creative solutions to common startup problems; mistakes to learn from.

Intrapreneurs: Ways to build purpose from within an existing organization; resources to empower internal changemakers to innovate with a corporate team.

Investors: Enterprises to support; innovative funding mechanisms and capital structures to meet the needs of diverse entrepreneurs

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Submission Details and Expectations

If you want to contribute, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch within a couple of weeks to discuss the idea(s) and next steps. We expect contributors to share with some regular frequency, with a priority for those who would like to post once a month. Causeartist retains the right to make final edits to any submitted article.


Each submission should be between 800 and 1,200 words. We’re looking for stories that have been carefully structured and edited for grammar, spelling, readability and cohesiveness. We suggest that writers get help from places like Hemingway App, Grammarly and friends who can provide critical feedback (prior to submitting your piece!). Causeartist makes use of inclusive language, referencing style guides by Sum of Us and GLAAD. 


All submissions should have a featured image. We prefer real photos related to your story. If you do not have an image, please use a related image from a stock photo site. If using a stock photo, please try to find images that show visible diversity. 

Articles with rich media (video, data, charts or even GIFs) throughout the story get bonus points. All images must be owned by you or include a cited source. We retain the right to remove images from submissions and replace them with those our editors pick.

We Reserve the Right to Alter, Edit, or Not Publish Your Story

The Causeartist team can edit the content of your story and add logos, bylines, ads, images and other elements to your story. Causeartist also reserves the right to determine when, and whether, to publish an article on the platform.

Think We’re a Match?

Now that you’ve reviewed how we work and what we’re looking for, fill out our submission form below to tell us what stories you’d like to add to our mix.