Beringei is Taking a Platform Approach to Empower the Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion Designers

Beringei Clothing Platform

In episode 128 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast I speak with Bryan Bolling, Founder of Beringei Clothing, on using technology and platform to empower the next generation of sustainable fashion designers.

Beringei started with a simple premise: the fashion industry is outdated, wasteful, and stale.  WWD, known as “the fashion bible” states that of the 37 major brands, none have made any real efforts toward sustainability and each brand would take 7-8 years to achieve any real progress. How can this be solved? Changing the business model and using technology for good.

Beringei builds relationships between designers and the community to find and build the next “big trend” while reducing global impact by the industry.

Each and every apparel item is uniquely and specially designed by independent designers, breathing new life and creativity into the fashion sphere. These designs rotate every month, giving consumers a fresh set of amazing designs to choose from.

Beringei is Taking a Platform Approach to Empower the Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion Designers

By combining a fashion-focused social media platform with interaction, voting, pre-buys, and community sentiment analysis, Beringei will only manufacture products the community wants and in the volumes that can be sold. They use only low-waste manufacturing facilities and donate to charities that help reverse the impacts by the fashion industry.

If the fashion leaders refuse to change from the top-down, Beringei aims to change the industry from the bottom-up.

Bryan Bolling is the founder of Beringei Clothing. Bryan is a 19-year veteran of technology startups with 4 different companies having successful financial exits. He has had a successful 3-year launch of his first personal business venture and he is currently using those company proceeds to bootstrap Beringei Clothing. Beringei is a true passion project for Bryan as he loves helping others progress further in their business goals, especially those who are just starting out.

Bryan Bolling is the founder of Beringei Clothing

After heavy research, fashion became the perfect industry focus for this business model, due to being a top contributor groundwater pollution, textile landfill waste, CO2 emissions, birth defects, and unfair labor practices involving women and children. 

Bryan hopes that all his companies will have positive impacts on the world and hopes that the fashion designers that launch under the Beringei umbrella will become the future leaders of fashion and business.

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