9 Best Shopify Apps That Empower Customers to Give Back

Best Shopify Apps That Give Back

Shopify is a great platform for business owners who want to create an online presence. With the help of Shopify, business owners can create online stores that are easy to use and manage.

But did you know that there are many Shopify apps that not only help your business succeed but also give back to the community? Let’s take a look at some of the best Shopify apps that give back and how these apps can benefit both your store, humanity, and the environment.


Virtue is an excellent Shopify app making it easy for for brands to generate a positive impact.

Virtue is an excellent Shopify app making it easy for for brands to generate a positive impact. With over 40,000 causes on the platform, you can support refugees, offset your plastic footprint, donate to a local animal rescue, or back any other initiative that your customers will care about.

Empower your shoppers and leverage features like store giving, social impact upsell, checkout donations, and customer engagement analytics for your giving campaigns.


Best Shopify Apps That Give Back - EcoCart: Carbon Neutral Orders

EcoCart is an online service that enables customers to carbon-offset the environmental impact of their purchases. By purchasing carbon credits, EcoCart helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as investing in renewable energy projects, reforestation initiatives and other climate-friendly activities.

All of this is done at no additional cost to the customer, meaning they can shop guilt-free while helping to create a healthier planet.



Grow your business and give back to the community with Givz. Set up donation incentives easily, so customers can make a purchase that benefits both you and an important social cause. With no costly discounts, get more $$ in revenue while increasing conversion rates and order value at the same time!

Try out Givz free of charge today – help your customers feel good about their purchases by giving them opportunities to create positive impact too.

Carbon‑Neutral Shipping by Cloverly

Carbon‑Neutral Shipping by Cloverly

With Cloverly’s easy to use API, your organization can go beyond carbon neutral and start making a real difference in the environment. The innovative platform accurately calculates each order’s estimated carbon impact with product weight and customer location information at checkout.

Customers get detailed insight into how much the delivery contributes to global emissions along with specifics of which offset project will compensate for it. Plus, you can offer free Carbon Neutral Shipping on every purchase – no extra cost necessary!


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GoodCarts takes post-purchase cross promotion to the next level, forming collaborative Circles of social impact stores that share something in common. After a purchase is made, their discounts are simultaneously and automatically promoted among partnering storefronts – driving targeted traffic while increasing sales!

With easy installation and free advertising with no risk (our blocklist makes sure competitors won’t be included), GoodCarts helps your store get ahead without lifting a finger.


The ShoppingGives provides comprehensive coverage of compliance and regulation requirements for donating to 501(c)3 Nonprofits.

The app helps you create, manage and measure a social impact strategy that works best for your company’s needs while taking the guesswork out donation processing & reporting – thereby liberating up time so you can harness loyalty & trust towards true financial wellness!

One Tree Planted at Checkout

One Tree Planted at Checkout

Help protect the environment and grow your business together with this app! Give customers an opportunity to make a difference while they shop by adding $1.00 towards planting a tree – or even better, let them donate on their behalf too.

Each dollar donated goes directly to One Tree Planted, who works in partnership worldwide to reforest our planet one step at a time.

Shop for Good Donation App – by Daily Karma

Shop for Good Donation App - by Daily Karma

Brand loyalty is essential to business success and at DailyKarma, they offer a powerful tool that injects new life into customer relationships – the power of giving back.

Through our donation campaigns, you can align your brand with causes close to customers’ hearts while driving impact and boosting LTV. With access to over 2 million charities plus hassle-free co-venturing compliance & distribution services from DailyKarma.

Footprint ‑ ClimateNeutral

Footprint ‑ ClimateNeutral

Offering ClimateNeutral options at checkout allows customers to make an impact and genuinely connect with your brand. With the simplified integration process, you will have access to product-specific carbon emission estimates while catering in multiple languages.

By personalizing their shopping experience through this feature alone, they can share their positive contribution – how cool is that?

Shopify offers countless ways for businesses on its platform to give back through donation apps, reward programs, charitable merchandise and more.

Not only does this allow businesses on Shopify to make a positive impact in their communities — but also helps them build customer loyalty while increasing sales.

So if you’re looking for ways to give back while running a successful business — consider using some of these helpful tools! It will be worth it in the end.


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