Interview with Bobby Turner, CEO of Turner Impact Capital on Social Impact Investing

Turner Impact Capital Bobby Turner

In episode 19 of the Investing in Impact podcast, I speak with Bobby Turner, CEO of Turner Impact Capital, on building one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing social impact investment firms, positioned to invest $3 billion into solutions to address societal challenges across the United States.

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Those solutions include three major sectors – Housing, Education, and Healthcare.

Over the past two decades, Bobby Turner has established himself as a pioneer in the area of social impact investing.

Since founding Turner Impact Capital in 2014, he has rapidly built one of the nation’s largest social impact investment firms, with over $3 billion in investment potential to help address some of the country’s most pervasive social issues with real estate solutions.

As former Chairman, CEO and Co-Founding Partner of Canyon Capital Realty Advisors (CCRA), he oversaw a commercial real estate and mortgage asset portfolio totaling over $12 billion and was responsible for launching several groundbreaking funds that helped define the “triple bottom line” investment movement.

Triple bottom line is a term that is used to describe a company or organization’s focus on three key areas: social, environmental, and financial. This approach takes into account the impact of business decisions on all three areas, and strives to create a balanced approach that benefits all stakeholders.

While triple bottom line thinking is not new, it has gained traction in recent years as businesses have become more aware of their social and environmental responsibilities. triple bottom line thinking can be applied to any business decision, from product development to marketing to employee relations.

When done correctly, it can help businesses to achieve their goals while also benefiting society and the environment. triple bottom line thinking is not without its challenges, but it is quickly becoming an essential part of doing business in the 21st century.

In his years as a social impact innovator, Bobby has dedicated himself to providing sound financial returns for investors while fostering opportunities for the communities in which his funds invest.

Turner Impact Capital Bobby Turner
Turner Impact Capital’s Bobby Turner

Bobby is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (B.S., Finance) where he serves on Wharton’s Board of Overseers and where he has endowed a number of initiatives focused on social impact and triple bottom line investing.

Today these programs have grown to include curriculum development, summer internships for students interested in pursuing social impact careers, financial scholarships for minority students, the Turner Social Impact Society and the Lauren and Bobby Turner Executive Speaker Series for Social Impact.

“Most investors believe if you are going to impose a societal objective on a financial return you’re going to sacrifice yield. I just refute that. Our results do, too.” Bobby Turner, CEO

About Turner Impact Capital

Turner Impact Capital brings a multi-disciplinary investment approach to underserved communities where large mismatches exist between the supply and demand of community-serving infrastructure and related services.

They pursue compelling opportunities in markets where the traditional investor has been either the government or philanthropy. These opportunities are often overlooked by conventional investors and intensified by demographic trends.

By harnessing market forces, Turner Impact Capital is creating sustainable solutions to some of our society’s most pressing challenges on a broad, nationwide scale.

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