What is Botanical Chocolate and Why it Can Revolutionize Healthy Living


In Episode 27 of the Disruptors for Good podcast I speak with Justin Polgar, the Co-Founder of YES Cacao on why botanical chocolate can revolutionize healthy living.

Justin is an alchemical chocolate technologist, focusing his chocolate innovation toward education in the holistic health and wellness category.

Justin really loves chocolate. Making chocolate with Willy Wonka style, he is an inspirational cheerleader for everyone to find their YES.

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down face to face with Justin in Honolulu to talk all things chocolate wellness, fair trade, and his entrepreneurial journey. 

What is Botanical Chocolate and Why it Can Revolutionize Healthy Living

What is Botanical Chocolate?

YES Cacao coined the term botanical chocolate, but Justin will be the first to tell you he was not the first to use chocolate as a delivery system for health and wellness.

Over 500 years ago, before chocolates was introduced to Europe, cacao was used ritualistically in ceremony, and as a delivery system for herbs and medicine.

Justin considers cacao a plant medicine. Theobroma Cacao literally translates to “Food of the Gods”, and might be why humankind is so attracted to this substance.

The legends and origin stories associated with Cacao transcend our known history, deep into tribal mythology and extra terrestrial arena that our culture considers taboo.

Chocolate is a vasodilator, meaning its chemical compounds expand the blood vessels. Instead of using refined sugar, processed emulsifiers, and conventional preservatives (which all penetrate the body with less-than-healthy consequences), Justin believes it’s a better idea to use chocolate as a delivery system for organic herbs, teas, flowers, and superfoods.

Yes Cacao is here to help you easily adapt into a healthier lifestyle, feeding the mind, body, and spirit connection.  Botanical Chocolate is food to help you find your “YES”. 

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