Diff Eyewear Employees: 10 - 50 Sector: Eyewear Established: 2014 Los Angeles, CA

Designer quality eyewear with a charitable heart.

Description When DIFF Charitable Eyewear was founded, the vision was to have a positive impact on the world through quality, affordable eyewear. And in four years, the company has provided over 1.2 MILLION people with the reading glasses they need to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Over the past few years, they’ve learned that doing even more is possible. Diff is completely committed, more than ever, to creating a world in which everyone has access to the vision care they need — whether that’s an eye exam, surgery, glasses, or medicine. Now through the expansion of their global mission, every pair of DIFFs sold helps provide the Gift of Sight, through their global partner SightSavers, because the brand truly believe VISION IS POWER. This partnership will allow DIFF to help provide the gift of sight for every pair of DIFFs sold, through medicine, surgeries, glasses, eye exams, and more.
Key People
Chad Dime Co-founder When my co-founders and I created DIFF Charitable Eyewear in 2014 we were inspired to fill a void in the monopolized eyewear industry. At that time if someone was shopping for eyewear in the United States, odds were good that they were buying them from the corporate monolith Luxottica. The company controlled over 85% of the market, and that industry dominance meant the savings we're decidedly not passed on to consumers – allowing designer frames to be marked up nearly 1,000 percent. We founded DIFF with a different vision in mind. We wanted to create a fair market value for designer eyewear all while giving back and inspiring others to make this world a better place.
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