ImpactableX Employees: 1-10 Sector: Apps & Software, Finance, For Profit Established: 2019 Philadelphia, PA
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ImpactableX helps elevate your impact story and invest smarter with evidence-backing & insights powered by AI.

Description ImpactableX was launched in 2020 after 6 years of rigorous testing and development by an award-winning accelerator led by ex-VCs. We worked intensively with founders and saw how difficult it was for founders to bring the the clarity to their impact story that they had with their financials. It was hard for them to even begin. So we designed a solution, and what happened was amazing. Our founders won pitch competitions. They closed rounds with the most sophisticated VCs in the world. Investors came to us and said, "we want to see these analytics from every company that pitches us." We've now built upon our original work to offer practical tools to world-class startups, accelerators and funds. We bring analytical rigor and evidence-based grounding to world-class change-makers. Our tools are designed to meet users where they are, capture the full value of social innovation over time, and communicate it with analytics that carry meaning for all stakeholders. All within a single source of truth.
Key People
Catherine Griffin Founder Of the hundreds of founders I've served, nearly all of them have great aspirations for impact. Their passion for their mission drives them at a fundamental level, yet they crave a deeper understanding of how exactly - and to what degree - their work materially affects our resources and vulnerable populations and contributes to the resolution of our greatest challenges. They crave data to validate it and speak to its potential over time. Over the last 5 years, GoodCompany Ventures developed and refined a forward-looking, data driven approach to social impact modeling, which equips founders with the ability to articulate how their products and services generate social & environmental value, and the scope of their impact potential at scale. As a result of our success with leading social entrepreneurs, impact funds and academics, we've made this product available to the impact community.
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