Meet Carbon Equity, the Innovative Fintech Startup Creating Access to Climate Investments

founder of carbon equity

In episode 28 of the Investing in Impact podcast, we speak with Jacqueline van den Ende, Co-founder of Carbon Equity, on enabling access to alternative investments such as Climate Venture Capital, Climate Private Equity, and other asset classes.

Jacqueline is an entrepreneur and investor passionate about building high impact ventures. In the Philippines she successfully founded Lamudi Philippines and over the past three years grew it to be the clear market leader in online real estate.

Prior to that Jacqueline worked as an investment professional in the private equity firm HAL Investments and as a Partner at Peak Capital. Prior to that she founded De Kleine Consultant, a non-profit Management Consulting organization which now employs over 200 students in three countries.

Jacqueline van den Ende - Co-founder of Carbon Equity

About Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity is looking to move the needle on climate change by connecting Capital to Climate technology by the billions. To mitigate climate change we need to rebuild pretty much every inch of our fossil fuel-dependent economy in a historically unprecedented amount of time. Carbon Equity, through its climate fintech solution, seeks to offer retail investors climate investment products that actually move the needle.

This means euro for euro direct investment in R&D, technology and scaling of companies (in contrast to secondary market investments). We do this by enabling access to Alternative Investments such as Climate Venture Capital, Climate Private Equity and other asset classes – with direct climate impact and attractive financial returns.

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