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Care2Rock Uses Live Online Music Lessons to Make an Impact

Care2Rock Uses Live Online Music Lessons to Make an Impact


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Meet care Care2Rock, a socially innovative online music lesson marketplace and platform. Care2Rock pairs up skilled, vetted and background checked music teachers with paying students for live, online music lessons, on a variety of instruments.

Care2Rock teachers also agree to mentor a child in foster care – or a child who is hospitalized – for a year, for free! Care2Rock is also teaming up with Texas CASA (an org that advocates for effective public policy for children in the child protection system) on the launch of Computers for CASA, a recent Texas bill that allows foster youth to receive computer equipment through the state’s surplus supply.

Care2Rock will be offering free lessons on the site to Texas CASA foster children who have received computers through this program.

Below is a Q&A with the founder of Care2Rock, Karyn Scott


When someone asks what Care2Rock is how do you explain it to them?


Care2Rock is a social enterprise company that gives back.  We are a custom built platform for live, online music lessons.  At the touch of a button, you can book and take a live lesson with some of the best teachers across the country and learn 3 times faster on our platform.  Best of all, our teachers also volunteer for youth in foster care and hospitals, so every lesson you take helps a child in need get access to music.

You also founded the nonprofit Kids in a New Groove, can you tell us how that played a role in starting Care2Rock?

Kids in a New Groove(KING) had amazing results bringing music lessons to youth in foster care in central Texas.

We were very proud that youth in foster care in our program had a 100% high school graduation rate for a 3 year period compared to the national average of 50% or less for youth in care.

We hit a wall with growth, however, as we weren’t able to aggressively expand across the country to reach the more than 400,000 youth in care.  Care2Rock helps solve this problem through a social enterprise model; by recruiting teachers from across the country to teach paying customers in any instrument area for Care2Rock, they are also able to volunteer for youth in care and teach them on our platform for free.

A KING student performing with his mentor. Because of his hard work, he earned a brand new keyboard

Teachers are attracted to the platform because of our impact, but they also can make a fair wage teaching paying customers.  We are able to recruit highly qualified teachers from across the country – places such as Nashville and L.A. – and bring in touring musicians who are very well known (we even have teachers who have toured with Bruce Springsteen).

These teachers can then teach customers in rural areas who otherwise would have no access to them.  And best of all, when our teachers volunteer for a child in foster care, they can stay with that child when they move placements.

This kind of consistency is very rare for kids in care, who sometimes can move placements up to 6 times a year.

When someone signs up how are the lessons and sessions done? Is it through Skype or another video calling platform?

The best part about Care2rock’s platform is it is custom designed.  We use WebRTC, which is a direct browser to browser experience. There is no software to download and the audio/video experience is superior to Skype.

How can musicians sign up on the platform to become an instructor? What are the qualifications for an instructor to join the platform?

Teachers must have at least 2 years of teaching experience or 4 years as a professional musician. They must pass a background check, interview with us, and provide references. They can apply on our site here.

What have been some of the success stories so far that have really motivated you to make Care2Rock a success?

I have seen kids in foster care go from withdrawn and depressed to making straight A’s and signing autographs after a show.

The ability for music to transform a child who has suffered from abuse is truly remarkable. If you give a child ownership over a guitar or another instrument and teach them how to play it, the combined emotional outlet and ability for that child to reach goals can truly be life changing.

What is your vision for Care2Rock over the next few years?

My vision is to bring the healing power of music to kids in foster care across the country and to help connect them to the best teachers.

If we can bring on partners to help provide instruments for these kids, as well as computers for them to take on our platform, we could be a powerful force for change across the U.S. We also aim to be an example of how income producing social enterprise models can often be more agile and scalable than non-profits can be.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for non-profits to make a huge impact.  It just means that scalable growth is often a challenge that isn’t best addressed by the non-profit model.

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