CELI by Aline Celi Set to Launch New Ethical Collection at Berlin Fashion Week

CELI by Aline Celi Set to Launch New Ethical Collection at Berlin Fashion Week

Aline CELI is a fashion label from the Brazilian designer of the same name based in Berlin. With minimalist cuts, natural materials and elegance, the core of the label stands for sustainable fashion, fair production and social commitment.

The designer combines Brazilian passion with the strengths of today’s self-confident business woman. CELI is not a specific fashion style, CELI is a statement!

Since the label was founded in 2013, the designer has been represented nationally and internationally in the fashion industry with her parades at Fashion Week.

During the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week CELI will present the new collection SILVERMAGIC.

The collection will feature eco materials such as silver fabric made from corn cobs and created in a 3D printer. Also Starch, a recycled polyester from real PET bottles.

The fibre of polyester is quite long and that means you can reuse it 7-8 times.

After the 7th or 8th time of recycling, the car industry uses it for seat belts or it is used as building material.

“Our customer is often the independent woman over 35 who says let’s change the world,” says Aline Celi, adding, “Her goal is the same as mine: self-fulfillment and a commitment to her values.”

The social impact entrepreneur and fashion designer was born and raised in Brazil. She also has roots on the Mediterranean, and that’s where the name Celi comes from, which lends itself perfectly to the sound of fashion and thus became the name of her fashion label, which she founded in Germany in 2013.

Berlin Fashion Week – September 08, 2022

During the Berlin Fashion Week CELI will present the new collection SILVERMAGIC.

The fashion of the label CELI reflects the spontaneity and joie de vivre of Brazil in form-giving boundaries and clear lines inspired by international design classics and Bauhaus architecture.

Far from prefabricated trends, the wearer takes her creativity into her own hands and can play with her favorite colors, shapes, and textures.

The result is a distinctive uniform that never gets boring.

  • Carefully handcrafted, the pieces are made in the EU under the strictest ethical and social guidelines.
  • Jewelry made from genuine Golden Grass craftsmanship is handcrafted by Brazilian artisans in a fully eco-friendly manner, signaling that the wearer has a lot to offer.

With her slow fashion, Aline Celi experiments with natural fabrics and recycled materials of the highest quality.

“You also have to have sustainability in your heart,” she says in reference to her heart project “Goal for Life.”

Together with her brother, she dedicated herself in 2014 to help the organization train soccer with 120 students from Brazil.

Thus, through income from their fashion, talents were equipped for the sport from the beginning and also sent to Portugal for trial training.

The waiting list for admission is long, but more students can be accepted each year.

“For me, this is sustainability, doing something for the future,” Celi says.

The social divide in Brazil is wide, and Celi accompanied her mother, an educator, to aid projects at an early age.

For Aline Celi, it’s second nature now to say, “If you have more, you have to support.”

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