The Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys Initiative and Well Aware Unite to Expand Access to Clean Water in East Africa

The Chris Long Foundation's Waterboys Initiative and Well Aware Unite to Expand Access to Clean Water in East Africa

In episode 177 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Chris Long and Sarah Evans, on their new partnership to provide more sustainable clean water sources to communities in East Africa.

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The global water crisis is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today. Over 800 million people lack access to clean water, and the consequences of this are dire.

Without clean water, communities cannot thrive or grow, and the health of individuals is put at risk. To address this issue, the Chris Long Foundation and Well Aware have partnered to provide sustainable clean water sources to communities in Kenya.

Chris Long, a two-time Super Bowl champion and philanthropist, founded Waterboys in 2015 to address the global water crisis.

The organization has been successful in providing aid to over 500,000 people in need. The partnership between the Chris Long Foundation and Well Aware will expand the reach of Waterboys’ initiatives and resources to achieve maximum impact.

“We are excited to bring Well Aware into the fold for their incredible technical expertise, strong in-country presence, commitment to partner communities, and demonstrated success. Waterboys has set a bold goal of providing clean water to one million people in East Africa and the United States. In 2022, we reached a major milestone with over half a million served. This partnership will accelerate our impact as we play our part in helping to end the global water crisis.” – Chris Long

Well Aware is a women-led international non-profit organization known for its success and innovation in East Africa’s water sector.

The organization has maintained a 100% success rate across all its water projects to date and is setting an exceptional standard for efficiency and sustainability in water aid.

Additionally, Well Aware’s Well Beyond App empowers local leaders with ongoing project maintenance to ensure lasting water systems.

The partnership aims to improve rural water supply in Kenya and empower thousands with the clean water sources needed to survive and thrive.

The two organizations have set a goal to significantly increase access to sustainable clean water for communities in Kenya.

“We are deeply grateful to the Chris Long Foundation for their shared passion for providing access to clean water for communities in East Africa. Together we’ll be able to continue supporting Well Aware’s mission and help make clean water, economic development, and further education a reality for so many more people. This new partnership will enable a ripple effect of impact and profoundly transform so many lives.” – Sarah Evans, founder of Well Aware

The partnership will accelerate the impact of the Waterboys initiative as they play their part in helping to end the global water crisis.

In 2023, the Chris Long Foundation will join Well Aware in the field to visit completed projects and make plans to bring lasting clean water solutions to local communities.

The partnership between the Chris Long Foundation and Well Aware is committed to long-term solutions addressing water scarcity and innovation in the sector.

About the Chris Long Foundation

The Chris Long Foundation believes that when people lack basic necessities like clean water and education, they are forced to focus solely on their immediate needs, leaving little time for planning a prosperous future.

By addressing these two fundamental needs, the Foundation aims to improve quality of life for under-served communities in the US and around the world. The Foundation raises awareness of the importance of clean water and education in creating a better future and mobilizes resources to meet these needs.

About Well Aware

Well Aware is an international nonprofit organization headquartered in Austin, Texas, that is committed to providing sustainable clean water systems in East Africa.

Since its establishment in 2010, Well Aware has funded, implemented, and maintained over 100 clean water projects in Kenya and Tanzania.

The organization uses a community-driven approach that empowers local leaders to take ownership of the projects and ensure their long-term sustainability.

Well Aware’s approach to providing sustainable clean water systems sets the standard for efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in the water aid sector.

All of its water projects maintain a 100% success rate. The organization’s technical expertise and dedication to its mission have earned it recognition from various organizations, including the United Nations.

Well Aware’s impact extends beyond providing clean water to the communities it serves. The organization’s projects also drive economic development by providing job opportunities and improving access to education.

In addition, Well Aware empowers local leaders by providing ongoing training and support to ensure that the water systems remain functional for years to come.

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