Cinema Verde Offers Employee Discounts For Environmental Film Streaming

Cinema Verde Offers Employee Discounts For Environmental Film Streaming

Cinema Verde hosts a database of 13 years of festival award-winning films from independent environmental filmmakers on a new streaming platform.

Subscriptions to the streaming environmental film festival are now made available as employee perks, giving businesses the opportunity to provide access to the streaming platform by purchasing discounted team tickets.

As businesses increasingly operate with remote and WFH teams, new ways of team building and employee benefits are in demand.

Cinema Verde’s offering is an opportunity to support and empower employees in their desire to pursue a green lifestyle at a time when anxiety about the health of our future can be debilitating .

Cinema Verde festival films are based on the authentic storytelling of independent filmmakers who either offer an artistic way of spreading awareness for nature and society or exploring and offering concrete solutions to some of the many environmental challenges we’re facing.

The film curation is spearheaded by Trish Riley, long-time environmental journalist and author, and founding director of Cinema Verde. Topics of the short and feature films as well as documentaries include biodiversity conservation, water quality protection, air quality and waste reduction as well as social justice.

Featured indie eco filmmakers are speaking in roundtable talks on the streaming platform and are hosting Q&A’s in the membership forum, further fostering exchange, inspiration and local environmental action.

“Environmental awareness and education are at the core of our mission,” says Founding Director Riley and adds: “Learning about different and diverse parts of our world, practicing appreciation for our natural world, and observing different insights from our eco-filmmakers is a way to inspire change in times when the state of our world could easily cause us to freeze.”

As a non-profit educational organization, the subscription revenue of the channel is paid out fully to the indie eco filmmakers distributed as per viewership on the films.

Subscription purchases as employee perks may be tax deductible for businesses. Participating businesses may also be included in our Sustainable Business Showcase to let our audiences know about their commitment to a healthy future.

Cinema Verde partners with We Are Neutral as its sustainability partner to provide carbon neutral streaming. Learn more here.

About Cinema Verde

Cinema Verde is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide environmental education to diverse audiences through film, arts and community events.

Cinema Verde is funded in part by Visit Gainesville, Alachua County and by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

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