Citizen Mint: Bridging the Gap Between Private Market Capital and Impact Investments

Citizen Mint Bridging the Gap Between Private Market Capital and Impact Investments

Citizen Mint is a startup company dedicated to making impact investments accessible to everyone. By leveraging technology and an extensive network of contacts, Citizen Mint seeks to bridge the gap between private market investors and those that are interested in making an impact with their investments.

In Episode 163 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, we speak with Josh Hile, Founder and CEO of Citizen Mint, on connecting investors with private market opportunities that have the potential to make real positive impact on society and our planet.

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The team is made up of experienced professionals from different areas such as finance, technology, and sustainability. Each team member has extensive experience in the industry, allowing them to thoroughly research each potential investment for both its financial return and positive social or environmental impact.

At the heart of Citizen Mint’s mission statement is the goal of closing the gap between traditional banking institutions and those financially excluded due to lack of access.

Realizing that most retail investors have limited access to high-return private market investments, Citizen Mint works hard to make these opportunities available at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional banking institutions.

This allows more people to participate in private market investment opportunities while ensuring they get the best possible financial return without sacrificing on social or environmental impact.

Citizen Mint: Bridging the Gap Between Private Market Capital and Impact Investments

How Does Citizen Mint Work?

From renewable energy sources to low-cost housing, development loans in underserved areas or sustainability solutions – making private capital more accessible empowers us to start tackling global challenges head-on.

  • Create your account – Take just a few minutes to sign up and access the growing catalog of impact investments.
  • Select investments​ – Review investment opportunities and select the ones that align with you.
  • Stay updated -​ Keep an eye on the impact and growth of your investment through comprehensive reporting data.
  • DISCLOSURE: Currently investments are only for accredited investors.

Citizen Mint Investment Categories

  • Renewable, clean & affordable energy and energy efficiency
  • Carbon sequestration and capture
  • Clean water and sanitation management & infrastructure
  • Sustainable forestry, agriculture & food systems
  • Waste management, recycling, and circular economy
  • Environmental Solutions Technologies
  • Affordable, safe, and quality living conditions
  • K-12 & workforce training
  • Equitable & affordable access to water, sanitation, energy, waste, and broadband internet
  • Microfinance & access to credit

How does Citizen Mint select Investment opportunities?

Every year the team reviews hundreds of investments, sourcing and selecting only those that provide highly competitive risk-adjusted returns and positive social or environmental impact.

The Citizen platform is guided by three pillars:

  • Due Diligence – The team utilizes a rigorous five-step process to evaluate all opportunities.
  • Expertise – Citizen Mint has decades of experience evaluating impact opportunities in the private markets.
  • Objectivity – Citizen Mint is never compensated for recommended investments.

The Citizen Mint Due Diligence Process

  • Drawing from the teams extensive network of industry contacts and resources, Citizen Mint creates a list of viable private market investments, eliminating all managers with operational or regulatory issues.
  • Citizen Mints then conducts in-depth reviews of the thesis or business plan of each investment opportunity, including an analysis of market trends, financial returns, and the proposed positive impact of the opportunity.
  • They then evaluate all teams on key factors related to performance, including experience and reputation in the industry, operational history, investment skills, resource adequacy, personal motivation, and team structure and dynamics.
  • The a rigorous background checks are done, reference calls are made, assessing the team’s financial and accounting capabilities are taken in, and talking with key vendors (valuation, fund administration, banking, accountants, etc.) to gain conviction that this management team can perform as expected over a long period of time.
  • Citizen Mint’s investment committee reviews re-review the risks involved, risk mitigation, and downside protection for investors. If they feel the impact and risk versus return are sufficient, the investment is added to the platform.

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How Citizen Mint Measures Impact

To ensure successful outcomes, the team evaluates potential investments through a thorough quantitative assessment of their projected impact. The due diligence process begins by establishing key performance indicators with the sponsor or fund manager to accurately measure and track progress throughout the life-cycle of the project.

In particular the Affordable & Workforce Housing portfolio boasts metrics such as housing units financed/built, individuals housed within those buildings, average area median income (AMI) for tenants plus job creation derived from its construction – measures that will be expanded upon in future as increasing amounts of data are made available by partners.

They further look to expand metrics in this category to include the impact of the building to the community and individuals’ livelihoods (i.e. decrease in time commuting, increased satisfaction with living arrangement, etc.).

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Citizen Mint for Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers

Citizen Mint believes the platform will help Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers gain an advantage in the marketplace by offering vetted and innovative impact investments to reach and retain clients.

Some of the top benefits advisors experience with Citizen Mint include:

  • Powerful technology to track investments on both financial and impact metrics
  • Differentiate from traditional financial advisors & wealth managers
  • Diversify investment offerings and reduce the volatility of client returns
  • Attract Millennial clients who both want access to alternatives and impact opportunities
  • Positioned as a leader in sustainability and impact investment advising

How Does Citizen Mint Make Money?

Citizen Mint charges an assets under management fee which can range from 0.5% to 2% based on the complexity of the opportunity. The company tries to keep fees low and look to negotiate with sponsors and managers to reduce the ultimate fee charged to the Citizen Mint community.

Citizen Mint’s Commitment to Responsibility

Citizen Mint is a signatory of the internationally recognized Principles for Responsible Investment which publicly demonstrates are commitment to investing responsibly.

The company is committed to aligning and reporting on each investment as it relates to the UN SDG’s which is a global commitment to solving our planet’s biggest challenges.

Citizen Mint has committed to giving 1% of profits to non-profits that seek to address societal and environmental issues.

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