Clean Cause is Disrupting the Beverage Industry While Supporting Individuals in Recovery

Clean Cause Story

In episode 104 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, we speak with Wes Hurt, founder of Clean Cause, on facing addiction, becoming sober, and building a company that gives 50% of profits every month to support individuals in recovery.

Wes started by selling CLEAN Cause bottled water out of his truck to local convenience & grocery stores in Austin, Texas. He soon realized how much addiction truly was impacting the lives of Americans when he heard the many stories of addiction from his customers across the country. Finding himself fatigued by the grind of growing his new venture, he needed a source of caffeine – but one that was organic, refreshing & sat well on his stomach, unlike coffee.

Wes saw that the sober living facility experience was a crucial moment for many of his friends who were also pursuing recovery. It empowered them to establish recovery routines, find employment & prepare to re-enter the world. Creating a sustainable source of funds to expand access to sober living would be the solution Wes would pursue.

To date we have generated over 2170 scholarships, representing more than $1,085,000.

– Wes Hurt, founder of Clean Cause

The Clean Cause Mission

The Clean Cause mission is to support individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction by creating a sustainable source of funding for greater access to sober living facilities. The company achieves this with 50% of profits funding sober living scholarships.

SOBER LIVING “CLEAN Kickstarts” help bridge the critical gap between rehab & reintegration into everyday life. They give people the opportunity to live in high-accountability homes, find jobs, and establish recovery support systems.

If you know someone in your community who is in need, have them apply here for a sober living scholarship today.

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