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Climate Researcher, Anjana Aravind, on how to Tackle Climate Change

Climate Researcher, Anjana Aravind, on how to Tackle Climate Change

How To Tackle Climate Change With Climate Researcher Anjana Aravind

We all feel the weight of climate change from time to time (or daily!) as we try to take in the size of the problem and how to solve it. Now imagine being in it, everyday, as a climate researcher and seeing first hand what’s really going on with our planet.

“It takes a collective mindset to fix it.” – Anjana Aravind 

In this episode, Anjana Aravind joins the Curated Consciously podcast to break down the misconceptions of climate change, and how our systems, consumer choices, and the media play vital roles in the health of our planet.

Anjana works as a climate researcher for a wind energy consultancy where she studies how large-scale climate phenomena affect client sites, which are mostly focused on the global tropics, and wind farm performance and associated risks.

She has previously worked on Antarctic ice shelf modeling at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, worked within the Climate Change Research Center in Germany, and studied the effects of southern ocean warming on global rising sea levels in Sydney, Australia. 

Anjana’s love for the oceans has led her to work at the National Institute of Oceanography in Goa. Last year, she was the only person of Indian nationality who was selected for a marine research expedition across the Atlantic Ocean organized by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany. 

Aside from her corporate job, she is a columnist for Law & Order, an online academic publication where she posts articles on the relation between socio-economic systems and climate change.

In this episode, Anjana Aravind and Jazzmine Raine dive into:

  • Three common misconceptions about climate change.
  • Identifying the many diverse and systemic issues that impact the future of our planet.
  • How we, as individuals, can do our part in tackling climate change.

Connect with Anjana Aravind on LinkedIn and Instagram, and read her work on Law & Order.

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