ClimateCrete Raises $3.3 Million to Revolutionize Concrete Production

ClimateCrete Raises $3.3 Million to Revolutionize Concrete Production

ClimateCrete, a startup in sustainable construction, has announced the successful close of a $3.3 million Series A funding round.

Led by Silicon Valley VC firm Capital K, known for its focus on deep tech startups, the funding round also saw participation from KAUST Innovation Ventures, the venture arm of Saudi Arabia’s prestigious King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

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The Challenge

  • Soaring Demand: Rapid urbanization has fueled a surge in global demand for concrete. In Saudi Arabia alone, over a trillion dollars in new construction is underway, and the kingdom’s reliance on importing more than 30 million tons of sand annually raises concerns about supply chain vulnerabilities.
  • Marine Sand Shipping: Sand transported by sea to Saudi Arabia from Asia not only comes at a high cost but also contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. On average, a ton of imported sand to Saudi Arabia results in 1.5 tons of CO2 emissions, primarily due to the diesel-burning power plants in dry bulk cargo ships.
  • Sand Mining: The global “sand rush” is taking a toll on crucial ecosystems, particularly in Asia, such as the Mekong Delta. Here, rivers, beaches, and lake beds face ruthless exploitation for their increasingly valuable sands, ready for use in concrete.

The ClimateCrete Innovation

ClimateCrete’s pioneering technology hinges on a patent-pending process that leverages abundant local sand, a stark departure from the increasingly scarce imported sand traditionally used in concrete production.

The ClimateCrete Innovation

This innovative formulation not only reduces reliance on cement, a major contributor to concrete’s carbon footprint, but also addresses the global challenge of depleting sand resources.

The resulting product, aptly named ClimateCrete™, stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of concrete applications without inflating costs.

“ClimateCrete’s technology transforms abundant but unusable local sand into a precious new commodity for the construction industry worldwide.

The resulting concrete is stronger while reducing CO2 global emissions.” – Capital K’s Managing Director, Patrick Suel

Patrick Suel

Origins in Innovation

The roots of ClimateCrete’s technology trace back to the laboratory of co-founder Jorge Gascon, a Professor and Director at the KAUST Catalysis Center.

Inspired by the abundance of sands in the Arabian Peninsula, previously deemed unsuitable for concrete, Gascon’s research led to the development of a process that modifies the surface of sand particles.

This modification results in a more durable and stable concrete, effectively expanding the usability of sand in concrete production from a mere 5 percent to a significantly higher percentage.

“Currently, only 5 percent of the world’s sand can be used for concrete. At ClimateCrete, we have developed technology that modifies the surface of the sand particles, making a much more durable and stable concrete.” – Jorge Gascon, Co-founder of ClimateCrete, and Director at the KAUST Catalysis Center

Jorge Gascon

Concrete Transformation in Saudi Arabia

With its first prototypes ready for concrete production, ClimateCrete is set to deliver its technology to partners in Saudi Arabia.

The region, currently witnessing over $1.1 trillion in real estate and infrastructure projects, stands to benefit immensely from ClimateCrete’s innovative approach to concrete manufacturing.

“The adoption of this technology presents an immense opportunity for Saudi Arabia. With an executable first pilot program to prove its technology and solution, ClimateCrete is positioned to establish a path for unprecedented growth within the construction manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia and the region.” – William McDonough, Co-founder of ClimateCrete

William McDonough


Guiding ClimateCrete through this exciting phase of growth is Peter Hadrovic, the newly appointed CEO.

Hadrovic’s extensive experience in Silicon Valley, including roles as CEO at Integrated Tactical Technologies, CEO at Sonitus Technologies, and SVP at Adamas Pharmaceuticals, positions him as a dynamic leader with a proven track record of success.

“I am thrilled to lead ClimateCrete into this next chapter. The potential for sustainable construction is enormous, and ClimateCrete’s innovative approach is well-poised to make a lasting impact on the industry.” – Peter Hadrovic

About ClimateCrete

ClimateCrete is a US-based startup on a mission to revolutionize concrete production. By converting previously unusable local sand into a sustainable new aggregate, ClimateCrete enables local production with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The company’s flagship product, ClimateCrete™, is backed by a patent-pending process that promises to reshape the future of sustainable construction.

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