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Mahima Gujral, Founder of Sui, Talks Conscious Fashion and Accessibility

Mahima Gujral, Founder of Sui, Talks Conscious Fashion and Accessibility

Conscious Fashion and Accessibility with Mahima Gujral, Founder of Sui

In episode 12 of the Impact India podcast, I speak with Mahima Gujral, founder of Sui, a conscious brand bridging the gap between nature and fashion.

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Mahima Gujral is the founder of Sui, a slow fashion brand from Delhi, India. Born into a world of elegant dressing, Mahima grew up recognizing the beauty of custom-made clothing, the value of quality fabrics, the craft of embroidery, and the essence of building close-knit relationships at every part of your value chain.

Bitten by the travel bug at a young age, she always believed that the best journeys are those closest to nature, those that inspire, energize and fascinate. After learning about the impact of fashion in 2016, she began a journey of her own into mindful purchasing and conscious living.

Mahima Gujral / founder of Sui

Sui is a conscious fashion brand that bridges the gap between nature and fashion.

Their designs are super “I’m on holiday” but also very flattering and flowy, and appropriate for multiple occasions. I just recently styled two pieces from their latest collection Flow as Sui gave me the opportunity to share my story in sustainable living through their platform.

In this episode, we dive into the accessibility of conscious fashion, the abundance of buzzwords and greenwashing in the industry, and how Mahima is connecting with consumers in India and Singapore where she currently resides.

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