The Cool Points Club Utilizes Instagram and NFTs to Remove Real World Carbon Through Innovative Climate Action

cool points club nft digital asset

In episode 126 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast I speak with Leanne Bats and Jussara Bierman, founders of Cool Points Club, on utilizing Instagram, NFTs and digital assets to remove real world carbon that generate funds to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies

The Cool Points Club creates scaleable climate initiatives that generate funds to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies. Their focus is on turning everyday activities into opportunities to remove carbon and scale emerging carbon removal technologies, exponentially.

CPC works with impact partners across the globe to destroy carbon. These partners cover a range of emerging technologies that, at scale, can help us solve the climate crisis. By funding these, CPC helps to kick-start the carbon removal market and get these projects operating at a critical mass.

They seek to fund the most promising carbon removal technologies to fight climate change, with a strong focus on “quality” carbon.

At the moment, the Cool Points Club is doing this through two main climate action initiatives:

CoolGram – CoolGram removes enough carbon to make your Instagram usage negative. It makes your Instagram account carbon negative by removing more carbon than it takes to operate it. The less you scroll, like, watch, comment, stalk, the more negative (and cooler) it becomes. If you ever needed a reason to do less, you’re welcome. Learn more about how it works here in the FAQs.

Islands of Cool – Islands of Cool is set to be the coolest space on the blockchain, where creativity is limitless and climate action is completely reimagined. As the project grows it will uncover many utopian islands — all, except Island One, are yet to be discovered.

Collectively crafted by a wide range of global artists, each staying true to their core style — as an exquisite corpse project — the islands will be a celebration of human creativity in every way possible.

The islands are an entry point to the coolest virtual existence one can imagine, reflecting both IRL ethics and values, and a collective determination to help unfuck our physical planet— all while having an epic time!

The Cool Points Club Founders

100 Carbon-Sucking Pieces of Digital Art.

On 20th December, the first ‘Islands of Cool’ collection was released — Island One. Created by kiwi artist T Wei, Island One is a 100 piece limited edition digital art collection, where each piece will remove one tonne of carbon and doubles as your membership to the ‘Very Cool Club’. This is a one-off opportunity to secure a seat at the table, for those who share the vision for how cool this can be.

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