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Corporate Social Responsibility Platform YourCause Gets Acquired for $157 million

Corporate Social Responsibility Platform YourCause Gets Acquired for $157 million


Blackbaud, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLKB), has acquired YourCause™, a market leader in enterprise philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software for approximately $157 million.

YourCause is a software provider which processes more than $245,000 in donations every business hour and has coordinated, tracked and rewarded more than 30 million volunteer hours for its customers.

“We understand that business success today is more than finances; it’s also critical to engage on social issues,” said Mike Gianoni, president and CEO of Blackbaud. “In a time where 84 percent1 of Americans believe businesses shoulder a responsibility to bring social change, providing those businesses with the right tools not only helps attract and retain customers and employees, but it helps to build a better world.”

Corporate Social Responsibility Platform YourCause Gets Acquired
Mike Gianoni, president and CEO of Blackbaud: Photo via The Post and Courier

The newly combined footprint in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement positions Blackbaud as the industry leader in providing solutions to both nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies committed to social issues.

“Together, we have a unique opportunity to innovate for the social good space at a larger scale and with greater velocity,” said Kevin McDearis, chief products officer at Blackbaud. “Combining YourCause’s comprehensive solutions for maximizing global social impact with Blackbaud’s unparalleled leadership in delivering cloud solutions for social good will enable companies around the world to create a culture that engages and inspires employees and customers, while driving business success and powering measurable outcomes.”

YourCause’s team of 155 employees will join Blackbaud. In the near term, YourCause customers will benefit from Blackbaud’s longstanding connections to the nonprofit community and deep investments in research and development to accelerate innovation of the YourCause solutions they use today.

Blackbaud customers will benefit from a marked expansion and acceleration of workplace giving and volunteering while building a source of new donors, volunteers and advocates. In the future, Blackbaud is eager to combine YourCause’s product vision with its own, align YourCause’s capabilities to Blackbaud’s technical standards, and introduce expanded innovation to the market.

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