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Meet The 30-Day CoWorking Vacation Tailored Specifically For Social Entrepreneurs

Meet The 30-Day CoWorking Vacation Tailored Specifically For Social Entrepreneurs

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The Wander Working Experience is the first 30-day co-working vacation tailored specifically for social entrepreneurs. The Wander Working Experience was created from a deep desire to help those who are using their business and themselves as a force for good.

Taking groups of 25-30 social entrepreneurs, conscious companies, and change-makers on a co-traveling, co-creating, co-living, co-working, and collaborating 30-day curated life-changing experiences in amazing locations around the world.

Founder and Chief Wandering Officer Jovanni Cause has an endless passion for personal development, travel and having fun. Asking himself how he can combine these passions, help others and make a difference in the world. When you ask, you receive and the idea for Wander Working started to appear.

After being inspired by books like Conscious Capitalism & Firms of Endearment Jovanni found how he can combine all of it and make a win-win for all. As he started researching these force for good businesses he noticed that many of them are on the brink of achieving the success they want but something is slowing or stopping them from achieving it. They are working 12+ hours a day, on the verge of burnout, and losing hope.

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The Wander Working Experience is their secret weapon to do more, be more and give more by working less and having fun. It has manifested into 30-days of personal development (w/ a transformational mindset coach), businesses strategies (w/ a business coach), networking (w/ peer-to-peer workshops, mentoring,  and happy hours), local community outreach (via volunteer work), discovering new places, people and living life now, not later all while continuing to work and make money.

Their mission is to create positive change in the world through one of a kind life experiences by helping a new generation of socially conscious entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals create a life-work integration that aligns with their deepest purpose, unlocks their limitless power, allowing them to reach more people and make a greater impact in the world.


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