Crafted Society Raises Over $1 Million to Create Luxury for Good


Crafted Society, an Amsterdam based luxury goods brand whose mission is to use luxury for good, has secured more than €1m in external capital from a selection of business angels to support the brand’s international growth strategy.

The brand, which is unique in its approach of transparently platforming all of the Italian artisans involved within their product creation supply chain, was officially launched in 2017 by husband and wife fashion duo, Martin and Lise Johnston.

Both Martin and Lise have a long and decorated resume of working in fashion, and in 2016 decided to leave the corporate world behind them, to create a luxury for good fashion brand which championed their own values of transparency, sustainability and social responsibility.

Crafted Society Raises Over $1 Million to Bring Transparency and Social Responsibility to the Luxury Market

The new capital will help broaden digital presence, add European and UK Fitting Room locations, increase brand awareness through international pop-up events, and bring on board new team members.

The pair are already searching for a Fitting Room location in Johnston’s home country of the UK as well as continuing with discussions for an international franchise roll out of their Fitting Room concept.

Up to this point, the duo have solely financed the brand from its inception, but have now sold just over 25% of the company to fuel future of luxury for good. On the investment, Johnston stated

“Lise and I started this brand with a dream, a good dose of experience and a lot of passion, and it is really rewarding to now share this vision we have for a democratized luxury industry with our new family members. – Martin Johnston, Co-founder of Crafted Society

We are delighted to welcome such a diversified and globally connected group of business angels who are all first and foremost, customers and ambassadors of Crafted Society, and their combined expertise will compliment what is already in house to help us scale our business at home and abroad.

I honestly believe that sustainability is no longer an exception but an expectation. It plays a central role within what we create, from helping to sustain the livelihood of the artisans, to the tanneries we purchase our hides from (all certified by-products of the meat industry and we do not use any exotic skins) to the certified nickel-free hardware we use on our goods. We are continually seeking innovate and advanced ways to improve our sustainable footprint.”

“This new investment provides a new lease of energy in our efforts to create a cleaner, friendlier and more honest luxury fashion industry.” – Lise Bonnet, Co-founder of Crafted Society

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