Cream Co Meats is Building a Direct Marketplace to Support Sustainable and Regenerative Ranches

Cream Co. Meats is Building a Direct Marketplace to Support Sustainable and Regenerative Ranches

In episode 119 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast I speak with Cliff Pollard, Founder of Cream Co Meats, on creating a direct market for sustainable, regenerative and family-owned farms.

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About Cream Co Meats

Cream Co.’s mission is to revolutionize a highly commoditized industry by creating new opportunities for people to enjoy animal proteins responsibly.

Cream Co Meats is committed to supporting and working alongside independent producers to deliver the highest quality, best-tasting meats they can find.

Sometimes that means bringing best-in-class programs to new markets. At others, it’s developing a new program from the grass up.

At a minimum, all of the Cream Co Meats programs are hormone and antibiotic free. Most of their partners undergo annual third-party auditing including CCOF Organic, Land to Market™ Regenerative, Certified Humane, Non-GMO Project Verified, and American Grass-fed and Grass-finished.

Cliff Pollard Founder - Cream Co Meats

Through a decade working in the Bay Area food industry, Cliff has been constantly inspired by the local food movement.

Over time, he began to envision a transparent marketplace that could support sustainable and regenerative ranches through an aggregate and direct marketing model, while providing customers the ease and efficiencies they depended on from large scale distributors.

Cream Co Meats was founded in 2016 to even the playing field between mainstream and farm-direct distribution.

The company sources meat and forges partnerships that value quality over quantity, flavor over convenience, and transparency at every step.

Cream Co Meats is an Oakland based business committed to supporting local California ranches wherever possible; over 75% of their partners are small producers in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Today, Cream Co Meats distributes, direct markets and directly invests in over 20 sustainable, regenerative and family-owned farms.

They’ve built a team of industry veterans who care deeply about preserving the Bay’s food community, and continually invest in their processing facility to deepen roots in Oakland.

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