Defining Conscious Living with Jazzmine Raine


And I’m back with season 3, and much earlier than I thought.

When I ended season 2, I was feeling super uncertain and nervous about moving through COVID-19. 

That hasn’t changed.

I also thought I would use the season to dive into the shifts social businesses in India were going through post-pandemic, but that has yet to come. 

Now here we are—three months later and the change we are seeing is constant. However, it’s also become a beautiful time to go inwards, absorb, reflect, and re-strategize on how you lead your lifestyle or your social business.

In this episode I’m coming at you from my kitchen, diving into conscious living and how individual and diverse it is for everyone. I’m also introducing what to expect from season 3 of Impact India, my reflections on quarantine as a social entrepreneur, and why I’ve been busier than ever during the pandemic (especially in launching Curated Consciously!).

As we trek on through the pandemic, holding our heads high, be sure to follow along and hit me up on Instagram and follow us over at Curated Consciously.

Defining Conscious Living with Jazzmine Raine

“Sustainability starts at home.” – Jazzmine Raine

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