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5 Digital Learning Platforms That Will Change Education As We Know It

5 Digital Learning Platforms That Will Change Education As We Know It


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The next generation of digital learning platforms could have a profound impact on how students learn and teachers teach in the upcoming generation. These 5 digital learning platforms want to personalizes instructions based on learning principles and preserve memory in students using analytics and study behavior.

These digital learning platforms are intended to maintain its proficiency of quality, price, scalability, adaptability, and most of all improve the educational success of more than 1 million low-income students. As the internet spreads to nearly 85% of the American landscape and nearly 40% globally(internetworldstats), in the near future the digital divide will no longer be the issue. The issue will then become implementing the software and curriculum to students and teachers, so every child and adult has the access and opportunity for higher learning.

Lumen Learning 

Open Courses Replace Commercial Textbooks – Lumen Learning publishes open courses to make it easier for faculty members to adopt and teach with open educational resources (OER). And to make education more affordable for thousands of students every year.

Lumen offers free access to CC BY-licensed open courses in 30+ high-enrollment subjects across many disciplines. Open courses are effectively a complete textbook replacement. Each course includes a complete set of OER-based readings and sample assessments. All courses include some level of built-in video delivery and interaction. This is the starting point. From there, instructors may teach the course as-is or further adapt the course structure and content to fit their teaching style and students’ needs. Follow Lumen Learning on Twitter and Facebook


Cerego activates your memory just as it’s about to fade by tracking your performance on an item-by-item level, measuring pace, speed of response, and accuracy to predict the best time to review. The result is an experience optimized for each individual that leads to long-term retention – and a learning engine that gets more effective the more you use it.

The Memory Bank shows a snapshot of what you (or your students) know and how well you know it. Dynamic data gives you even more useful information – like when you’re going to forget something you’ve learned, and how to make sure that doesn’t happen. Follow Cerego on Twitter and Facebook


Based on decades of cognitive and learning science research at Carnegie Mellon and other institutions, Acrobatiq courseware is developed from research-based principles of learning including:

Students learn best by doing. Acrobatiq courseware includes hundreds, and in some cases well over a thousand discrete opportunities to practice skills and learn new concepts.

Goal directed practice and targeted feedback are critical to learning.  Every Acrobatiq courseware formative activity includes instructional scaffolding such as multiple levels of hints, and targeted, timely feedback.

The way students organize knowledge determines how they use it.  Acrobatiq courseware begins each Unit with “The Big Picture” that summarizes the organization of the material in the course, showing students visually how the pieces of the course fit together.

Mastery involves developing component skills and knowledge, and synthesizing and applying them appropriately.  Acrobatiq courseware includes synthesis activities to assess students’ abilities to apply knowledge from multiple learning objectives using real-world scenarios.

Self-directed learning requires that students monitor, evaluate and adjust their approaches to learning.  Every Acrobatiq courseware includes “Before You Continue” self-assessments that require students to reflect on their own learning.

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Smart Sparrow

Adaptive eLearning is a new learning and teaching medium that uses an Intelligent Tutoring System to adapt online learning to the student’s level of knowledge. Adaptive eLearning provides students with customized educational content and the unique feedback that they need, when they need it. Adaptive eLearning creates the best possible learning experience for students by emulating the talents of great educators.

This is achieved by using technologies that adapt and shape teaching to the needs of the individual student. Each student is unique, has varying levels of knowledge and learns differently. Our research, and that of others, has shown that student performance improves when online educational content is personalized. Smart Sparrow Adaptive eLearning is not about some sort of magic, super complex, black box algorithm. Instead – Smart Sparrow empowers educators with a suite of easy to use tools that allows them to create and teach with – rich, interactive, and adaptive educational courseware. Follow Smart Sparrow on Twitter and Facebook


The CogBooks adaptive learning platform lets you personalize your web-based learning so that each individual receives the learning and support they need, at every step. Personalized learning is at the heart of effective modern education and training. Whether your audience are students, employees or customers, CogBooks will help you change the way they learn on the web. CogBooks has pioneered personalized learning on the web since 2005. Our personalized learning platform is designed to reflect the best practices of research-led learning theory.

The micro-adaptive approach of CogBooks provides a unique level of detailed data on user behavior and performance. CogBooks tracks each individual’s actions at a granular level, building up a detailed profile of how they respond to your materials and courses. CogBooks provides a rich seam of data, allowing you to take eLearning analytics and eLearning data mining to a new level.

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