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12 Father’s Day Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gift Ideas(2023)

12 Father’s Day Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gift Ideas(2023)

Sustainable Father's Day Gift Guide Conscious Consumer

As Father’s Day approaches, you may be wondering what kind of gift to get for the special man in your life. If you’re looking for a gift that is both meaningful and sustainable, there are plenty of options to choose from.

For the handyman dad, consider a tool set made from recycled materials. For the dad who loves to cook, there are a number of eco friendly and sustainable gifts for Father’s Day.

Eco friendly and sustainable gifts for Father’s day range from aprons made from organic cotton to cutting boards made from sustainable wood.

Whatever his interests, you’re sure to find a sustainable gift that he’ll love. So make this Father’s Day one to remember with an eco friendly and sustainable gift that shows how much you care.

Does father’s day seem just a little too commercial nowadays?

Finding the perfect gift for dad shouldn’t leave you feeling like you’re stuck between three choices at your local mall. Celebrating dad should be about doing or investing in experiences and products that brings joy to the planet, just like the joy he’s always brought to you.

This Father’s Day, whether you’re celebrating your adventure seeking dad or your climate change activist papa, we’ve created the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for conscious consumers. Choose what best represents your dad while still having a positive impact on humans, animals and the planet.

Check out our top choices for eco friendly and sustainable gifts that are ethically made, give back to community initiatives and are sure to put a smile on dad’s face this Father’s Day.

Kaibae Scrub And Soothe Soap On A Rope Set

Inspired by the resilience of wild plants, these artisan-made Soap On A Rope provides a nourishing cleanse for your healthiest skin ever. This set includes two oversized soap bars: scrub soap on a rope for gentle exfoliation and nourishment, and soothe soap on a rope for a calming, regenerative lather.

These luxurious soaps are formulated with ingredients that have been hand-harvested by our partnering communities and are crafted in small batches by an artisanal soap maker on the central coast of California.

Sea Salt Set from Hand-in-Hand

Father’s Day Ethical gift guide - Sea Salt Set from Hand-in-Hand

For the self-care loving dad, Hand-in-Hand create soap and personal care products from all natural ingredients and essential oils. Their “one-for-one” model helps provide personal care products to those in need in the Haiti. The team also conducts sanitation and personal hygiene workshops to help prevent common and life threatening diseases that can spread from poor hygiene.

Portable Charge from Nimble

Father’s Day Ethical gift guide - Portable Charge from Nimble

For the dad that’s always connected, Nimble offers fast-charging portable chargers made from ethical and natural materials and eliminated the need for plastic packaging. Help dad charge up in less than 30 minutes while ensuring the environment is put first.

The 10-day fast portable charger is the best option on the market, and perfect for dads constantly on the go. Plus, with every Nimble product, they provide a pre-paid return envelope to send in old or obsolete electronics directly to their e-waste recycling partner for safe, responsible recycling at no additional cost.

Beach Shorts from United by Blue

Father’s Day Ethical gift guide - Beach Shorts from United by Blue

For the beach-loving dad we love United by Blue. The brand removes one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways for every item sold. They create collections for the beach-centric and adventure loving community, using materials such as organic cotton, bison and recycled polyester.

Their collection of sustainably made board shorts are perfect for dads who like to lounge on the beach or spend their weekends up at the cottage. Give dad a new, quality piece you know he’ll wear all summer long while helping clean our oceans.  

Premium Ethical Backpack from Parker Clay

Premium Ethical Backpack from Parker Clay

Combining sleek design and durable Ethiopian leather ensures it will become an essential piece for any traveler’s collection. Its optimal functionality provides space to stay organized – from exterior foam-padded laptop compartments to five interior pockets. Wherever your work venture or weekend adventure takes you, the Atlas is ready to join in on the fun!

Parker Clay bags are luxury handbags and backpacks that focus on sustainability and ethically-made production.

Since its inception, Parker Clay has been dedicated to helping empower women through fair trade practices and community development initiatives.

The brand works with artisans in Ethiopia to create handmade leather goods, and they are also involved in a number of other projects that support women entrepreneurs and small businesses in developing countries.

Socks That Protect Oceans from Conscious Step

Socks That Protect Oceans from Conscious Step

Represent your love of the deep blue! It doesn’t matter if you’re coastal or landlocked; you can bring the laid-back beach vibes with you with every step in this 3-pack of ocean blues with wave embroideries

Conscious Step is committed to lasting social and environmental change. every step we take in the production process supports farms and factories with fair wages, safe facilities, and sustainable materials.

Your purchase supports their commitment to their communities and helps them change the world for the better. Not only does every purchase empower the causes you care about in support of a better world, they’ve done better at every step in the production process, so you can feel great about your new favorite socks.

Every conscious step purchase supports one of their extraordinary partner organizations and the communities they serve. that adds up to sweeping support for the causes you care about.

These high quality, fairtrade socks are made from the cleanest cotton by empowered producers in communities they serve and support.

Premium & Responsible Made Sneakers from Atoms

Atoms was made with the simple desire to build the best shoe. The result of the journey is not only Atoms Model 000, but an amazing community of people they’ve met along the way.

The brand is consistently motivated to keep making shoes better, and hold themselves accountable to treat customers right. That includes using materials and fabrics that other companies consider far too expensive.\

For Atoms, making a shoe that you are excited to wear every day is all that matters.

The TPU material used at Atoms is a durable, safe, non-toxic material that is recyclable but more importantly biodegradable.

It biodegrades within 3-5 years without changing the natural pH levels of the soil. Coupled with the state of the art manufacturing techniques like waterless dying and injection molding, they eliminate most of the waste other shoe brands create.

It gets produced in an ethical manner in South Korea and shipped carbon neutral directly to your door eliminating the double shipment from a US warehouse

Tree Topper Sneakers from Allbirds

Father’s Day Ethical gift guide - Tree Topper Sneakers from Allbirds

For the dad who is concerned about climate change we love Allbirds. They offer a carbon neutral line of sneakers that implements its CO2 omitting processes across its entire supply chain. These sneakers are made from eucalyptus tree fiber making them breathable, smooth and cool to wear in hot climates. Learn more about the brand’s initiatives here.

Winter Jackets from Wuxly

Father’s Day Ethical gift guide - Winter Jackets from Wuxly

For the dad that just loves winter (this is for the Canadian dads…let’s be honest), we love Wuxly. Wuxly offers the perfect cruelty-free winter jacket made from carefully selected, ethically produced and eco-friendly materials.

They are committed to omitting as much CO2 as possible and providing fair labor conditions to its entire supply chain. It’s never too early to invest in a quality, socially good winter jacket. The Vegan Parka will keep dad comfy and warm for decades of winters to come.

Terres D’Afrique Home Spa Ritual

A home spa ritual to balance the skin and nourish the senses. Restoring equilibrium via the healing power of nature, and a gathering of all the senses involved.


TDA Signature Fragrance -The distinctive Terres d’Afrique fragrance is crafted from three unusual African resins, omumbiri, omutati and opoponax. The smell is reminiscent of the blome of the Kaokoveld – golden and honeyed, with a nutty, caramel toffee and base notes of earthy resins and warm amber.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gifts for Father's Day - Terres D’Afrique Home Spa Ritual

Myrrh Body Scrub – Sugar, coconut shell and Rooibos flakes have been blended in a specific ratio for optimum exfoliation. Scented with natural sweet myrrh, this scrub sloughs away dead cells leaving the skin soft and refreshed.

The three ingredients have been combined to provide varying strengths of exfoliation. Strong at first, to very gentle towards the end once the sugar has dissolved, then only the Rooibos flakes and coconut shell remain.

Omumbiri Body Butter – A luxurious, rich body butter fragranced with exotic omumbiri. This non-greasy formulation rejuvenates, moisturises and softens skin.

Essential fatty acids present in jojoba oil, mafura butter and coconut oil help restructure and revitalize the epidermis, nourishing the deep layers of the skin.

Jojoba oil is also an excellent moisturizing ingredient, creating a perfectly non sticky ‘dry’ emollient layer, which provides a rich, velvety feel and prevents moisture loss while enhancing skin flexibility and suppleness.

Sustainable Toothbrushes from Bogobrush

Father’s Day Ethical gift guide - Sustainable Toothbrushes from Bogobrush

For the dad with the perfect smile we love Bogobrush. Bogobrush is a US-based brand producing recyclable and compostable toothbrushes made from recycled waste and bamboo. Whether dad is a recycler or a composter, get him a toothbrush that he can confidently dispose of.

The brand is making serious impactful waves with every toothbrush sold. Bogobrush donates toothbrushes to organizations helping marginalized communities in need. They also support low cost dental clinics in Detroit and California and plants tree across the USA. Give dad a daily essential that continues to give back to communities across the nation.

Ethical Jeans from Outland Denim

Father’s Day Ethical gift guide - Ethical Jeans from Outland Denim

For the jeans and tee dad, we love Outland Denim. Outland Denim offers an ethical wardrobe staple with jeans made by women rescued from human trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia.

They are also experimenting with various sustainable textiles, like making pocket linings from recycled packaging and organic cotton. Get dad the perfect everyday denims with a variety of styles and fades to choose from.

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