Bringing Social and Environmental Consciousness to Swimwear


In episode 7, I connect with Leila Veerasamy, Founder and Creative Director of PA.NI Swimwear, a sustainable brand that seeks to normalise swimwear in India by offering timeless clean designs, universally flattering to South Asian women’s diverse body types. Their swimsuits are made with ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon yarn developed from discarded fishing nets and other plastic waste found in the ocean.

Leila is true global citizen, raised in Toulouse, France and Mauritius. She came to India in June 2015 after graduating from Brown University with a double major in Development Studies and Economics. 

In this episode, Leila dives into the production process and her love of ECONYL®, finding the right words to respectfully talk about diverse body types in fashion, and our thoughts on the stigma around body image in South Asia, Mauritius, and the western world.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is ECONYL® and how it is made
  • Why you need to continually innovate your process as a brand and a consumer
  • The challenges of diverse representation in fashion in India

Connect with Leila and PA.NI Swimwear at and on Instagram.

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