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Sustainability-Focused Businesses & Environmentally Beneficial Diamonds

Sustainability-Focused Businesses & Environmentally Beneficial Diamonds


As the escalation of extreme weather events throughout the world reminds us that climate change is a very real, ever-growing threat to ecosystems and humanity, we must recognize the enormous responsibility of businesses to address their participation in this issue. While business leaders should take swift action to curb the outsized effect industry has on our environment, consumers can hold businesses accountable by refusing to support those that aren’t doing enough. This week, we look at companies committing to become part of the solution.

New Article: 4 Companies Committed to Combating Climate Change Through Consumer Product Innovation

Addressing the climate crisis actually gives humanity a great opportunity to restructure our economic systems to be more equitable by empowering more communities with the tools necessary to join the green economy. Future-minded executives and workers should be pushing their companies to adopt more environmentally friendly practices both for the sake of competition and for the health of our planet. These four companies are ahead of the curve.

This Startup Captures CO2 from the Atmosphere to Create Environmentally Beneficial Diamonds 🤯

Aether is a public benefit corporation that extracts harmful CO2 from the atmosphere and transforms it into valuable raw materials and consumer products. They unveiled the world’s first and only carbon-negative diamonds made 100% from air in December 2020. The company aims to extract 100 million tonnes of CO2 from the air over the next ten years. In this podcast, we chat with Aether’s co-founder.

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Leading the Way

Learn more about the world’s first green digital asset from Luis Felipe Adaime, Founder and CEO of MOSS, here.

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  • SPECTRUM21 Virtual: Color of Money | September 22 | A half-day event on the importance of finance and race with a range of conversations focused on the need to diversify fund managers, a call for more investment in Black and Brown entrepreneurs and closing the wealth gap.
  • Sustainable Brands 2021 | October 18-21 | Taking place in San Diego, SB’21 offers inspiration, resources, and guidance toward unlocking the power of regenerative business.

Product of the Week: Topiku Hats

Meaning “my hat” in Indonesian, Topiku makes hats that are handcrafted from upcycled and recycled waste materials, salvaged from landfills, that would otherwise add to Indonesia’s ever-growing problem of waste management.

Learn more about Topiku here.

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