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An Equitable Hiring Guide & Support for Previously Incarcerated Individuals

An Equitable Hiring Guide & Support for Previously Incarcerated Individuals


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Creating systems that serve everybody requires innovation and intention. Changing inequitable systems requires grit. Impact business leaders are finding ways to address existing and outdated social, environmental, and business structures while creating outside-of-the-box solutions to issues that affect the people and places around them. This week, we share the inspiring guidance, work, and stories of a few of those leaders.

New Article: How to Hire with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Mind

To ensure that your equitable hiring efforts attract and build a workforce that is reflective of the communities you serve is a critical imperative. In this mini guide, you’ll learn the various aspects of diversity recruitment and how important it is to your people management practices.

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An Equitable Hiring Guide & Support for Previously Incarcerated Individuals

New Podcast: Building a Support Ecosystem for Individuals Previously Incarcerated

Previously incarcerated individuals often have a tough row to hoe in getting back to regular life. Housing and jobs can be inaccessible, and systems to support these individuals are restricted. Pioneer Human Services is partnering with communities to “reduce the impact of discriminatory mass incarceration and empower people to live safe, healthy, productive lives through inspiration, affirmation and by overturning barriers.” Learn more in this conversation with PHS CEO Karen Lee.

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Leading the Way

Learn more about how innovative investors are funneling capital into underrepresented communities from Dr. Angela Jackson, managing partner at New Profit, here.

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  • Webinar: Long Termism – Lasting Strategies That Work for Business Leaders Who Think Big | June 24 | Hosted by Conscious Capitalism, this 1-hour virtual event features Eric Ries, the founder and CEO of Long-Term Stock Exchange, discussing what leaders can do to institutionalize their long-term intentions.
  • SPECTRUM21 Virtual: Color of Money | September 22 | A half-day event on the importance of finance and race with a range of conversations focused on the need to diversify fund managers, a call for more investment in Black and Brown entrepreneurs and closing the wealth gap.
  • Sustainable Brands 2021 | October 18-21 | Taking place in San Diego, SB’21 offers inspiration, resources, and guidance toward unlocking the power of regenerative business.

Product of the Week: KUROS Pepper Spray

KUROS provides women an opportunity to take their protection and their lives into their own hands. With every KUROS product sold, pepper spray is distributed to a woman who could not otherwise afford it.

Learn more about KUROS here.

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