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Ezzy Lynn Is A Vegan Brand Creating Upcycled Apparel To Support The World Wildlife Fund

Ezzy Lynn Is A Vegan Brand Creating Upcycled Apparel To Support The World Wildlife Fund


Ezzy Lynn comes to you from London, Ontario where the three founders, Samantha, Sonja and Bia, met as students and developed their passion for social entrepreneurship together. The clothing and accessory line features fun apparel, scrunchies and hats made from vegan and up cycled materials, suiting their adorable jellyfish logo. Their mission: to support wildlife conservation, with 10% of all sales donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Their online store and product names make it fun, relatable and personal for shoppers. For example, you can symbolically donate to your favorite animals by purchasing a scrunchie in their animal print. So far the two-year old and thriving socially driven fashion line has adopted 159 endangered and vulnerable animals!


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Below is a Q&A with Ezzy Lynn’s three founders, Samantha, Sonja and Bia.


Tell us a little about how you three ladies ended up in business together!


We all met as students at Western University’s on campus entrepreneurship centre, Propel. Each of us were exploring entrepreneurship with separate ventures but were disappointed by how few women were starting businesses. We met and committed to starting something together one day as a way to improve that ratio. A year later Ezzy Lynn was born.


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What inspired you three to enter the world of fashion, specifically as a social enterprise?


When we decided to launch a business together, we wanted it to be a reflection of our shared passions: social entrepreneurship, wildlife conservation and fashion. We were intrigued by this new way of doing business, social entrepreneurship, where you weren’t for profit primarily motivated by generating revenue and weren’t limited as nonprofit purely aiming to make an impact. We all grew up loving fashion and aspiring to be in the industry but never felt it was possible because our backgrounds lied in business, math and philosophy.


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What does social responsibility mean to your team?




Ezzy Lynn cares not only about what happens to the profit made from the sale, but how the product was made and how it is delivered. All print materials, including our shipping mailers, are locally sourced within Ontario and composed of 100% recycled materials. We also work with local vintage boutiques in Queen West to repurpose their excess textile donations through our upcycled scrunchie collection and we strive to partner with other female entrepreneurs and regularly mentor young women interested in entrepreneurship or a career in fashion. We also aim to embody a philanthropic lifestyle in our personal lives; this spring we fundraised for WWF-Canada and climbed the CN Tower with our team of Brand Ambassadors.




Why the WWF?


WWF is the world leader in wildlife conservation, we knew we wanted to partner with them from day one. Their logo is also the most recognized brand within the nonprofit sector and they have a presence on every continent in the world. Ezzy Lynn also aims to share our mission on a global scale.


Do you plan on selling in retail spaces in the future? What are some other future plans for Ezzy Lynn?


In the future we hope to saturate Ezzy Lynn in new markets outside of Ontario. It’s been so rewarding to contribute donations to WWF-Canada through 10% of our sales each month, but another awesome and unexpected outcome has been hearing that other young women started their own business or fashion line after being inspired by our journey. We hope to spread more inspiration to women considering entrepreneurship or a career in fashion.



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