The Future of Fashion with Kriti Tula, Founder of Doodlage


In Episode 1 of the Impact India podcast, I meet with Kriti Tula, founder of India’s first zero waste fashion brand Doodlage, at Cafe Inside Stories in New Delhi. 

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Doodlage creates pieces from textile waste and materials found, therefore hunting for material first, and entering the design process second. This is how Doodlage pieces come to life.

The team inspires everyone to get creative too, including their tailors and labour workers to instill a love and responsibility for ethical design and production.

Now in over 40 stores across India, it’s super exciting to see such an innovative brand spreading so quickly in a country where global production is priority, and western culture and influence has taken over.

The Future of Fashion with Kriti Tula, Founder of Doodlage

Tune in to hear: 

  • How travel has inspired her vision for a circular industry in India
  • How mass consumerism has impacted India’s fashion industry
  • Kriti’s insight into how the fashion industry has become so unsustainable, linking back to cultural norms of traditional India

“15 years back, as part of our culture, everyone would just buy one product in the family. if you have a brother or sister, you would wear their clothes. Your mother would find a way! That’s how we grew up.”

Kriti Tula, founder of doodlage

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