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A Gift Guide for the Socially Conscious Man in Your Life

A Gift Guide for the Socially Conscious Man in Your Life


Preservation of our great planet, support of small local businesses, charitable causes, these are just some of the things on which awareness has been increasingly raised in the last several years, and it’s wonderfully refreshing to see so many people eager to give back. Whether the significant socially conscious man or men in your life care about sustainability, giving back to the community, ecological and social issues, ethical practices, there are now virtually countless small businesses that support one cause or another, hence – great places to find the perfect gift for your socially conscious man.

When you think about it, this is exactly what Christmas is all about – giving, and by gifting something that has a story and a truly noble purpose behind it, you’re not only giving a gift to one person, but in a small way, to the entire world – one little present at a time.

The new fashion

The new fashionSocially Conscious 

One of the most beloved trends in fashion, that has in large part come as a result of millennial preferences and advocacy for ethical production of attire and accessories, we now have a wide range of amazing brands to choose from.

For instance, if your significant man is a traveler, one of the greatest gifts you can give him is a weekender bag, but not just any bag. The Leon Weekender by Nisolo isn’t only a vegetable tanned leather bag made by artisans, but it’s also made in an ethical factory in Leon, Mexico, which makes it environment-friendly and also means providing support for small businesses.

Men love jeans

Men love jeansSocially Conscious


Yes, men love jeans, at least most men, and that’s a fact. Now, the kind of man who is a firm believer in sustainability is also one that hates waste. This is precisely the kind of man who will often be found shopping in vintage and secondhand stores, because he knows that great garments, including quality jeans at low cost can be found right here. These men are definitely onto something, as this kind of thinking isn’t only good for the wallet and the environment, but is amazing in terms of fashion as well.

It’s known that vintage clothes are often made with high-quality fabrics and you can find styles that are totally coming back. So, if you want something unique and conscious, start browsing some of the most popular secondhand stores such as Swap, Vestiaire Collective, Tradesy, and many, many more.

The listener

The listener Socially Conscious

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If you’ve noticed that your man is always with headphones in his ears, whether he’s listening to new albums, podcasts or audiobooks, he’s definitely in need of a brand-new pair of headset. Now, unlike all the other plastic ones we’ve become used to, the ones that made it onto this list are something else.

The Bowery Earbuds With Mic by LSTN, which don’t only feature incredibly sleek design, and tick every functional/aesthetic box that makes them perfect for a Christmas gift, but they this set comes with a purpose as well. Namely, for every set you purchase, the company donates funds to provide hearing aids to those in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

The groomer

The groomerSocially Conscious


All men are groomers. Some are secretive about it, but they all love it when their beards look and smell incredible, when their faces are fresh and youthful. If your guy fits this description, you’re in luck because there is such a wide selection of natural cosmetics for men, made by small family companies and artisans, that it’s difficult to pick just one.

There’s Natulique, with their great shampoos and styling products, all made with certified organic ingredients and paraben-free. Then there are the amazing and world famous Lush products, and the best part about giving your money to Lush is that part of the revenue goes to different causes ranging from environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights.

The guy who notes it down

The guy who notes it down Socially Conscious

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If you have a creative type on your hands, or at least one who has trouble remembering things so he makes sure to note them down, he is definitely in need of a good notebook. Now, Moleskine is virtually a household name, and millions love their products, but one thing you perhaps weren’t aware of is that by purchasing a very Moleskine (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition Notebook you’re also helping the good fight against AIDS.

Yes, by purchasing this particular notebook you’re providing someone with three days’ worth of medication, all through Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

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