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New Global Retreats for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

New Global Retreats for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

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You are an adventurer, an innovator and a changemaker who is passionate about our world. You want the community and the knowledge it takes to succeed in your business.

That’s why Rank & File has launched Global Retreats for purpose-driven entrepreneurs!

Join like-minded purpose-driven entrepreneurs for a travel experience like no other. Immerse in local culture, explore natural beauty, build meaningful connections with global entrepreneur peers, learn from insightful workshops, and come away inspired, equipped and renewed for your own social venture.

The first Global Retreat will take place from 27th January to February 2nd, 2018. Here’s what you need to know:


The Philippines is a fast-growing social enterprise hub, and many speculate that it will become the worldwide capital for social entrepreneurship. Filipinos are kind, inclusive, patriotic, resourceful (and great singers!). So, it’s no wonder that what sets their social entrepreneurship movement apart from the rest of the world is their focus within –  to lift 5 million of their fellow citizens out of poverty and into dignity. “Pro-Philippines. Pro-Environment. Pro-Poor.” is a common theme you will see on the journey. Their social impact models, community-building strategies, and unique leadership styles truly have so much to teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs.


Rank & File Global launched Global Retreats to create meaningful connections between changemakers which span across countries and continents, where entrepreneurs encourage one another, share learnings and gain new knowledge alongside one another in an inspiring location. The impact trip will include a combination of cultural immersion, off-the-beaten-path activities and adventures, behind-the-scenes visits to social enterprises, workshops with the countries top founders, and time to enjoy the san, sun and water.


Learn more here download the full itinerary and sign-up.

The deadline to sign-up is approaching and space is limited.

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