7 Trending GoFundMe Campaigns Helping Industries Impacted by COVID-19


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a tremendous silver lining is how millions of people are responding to urgent needs around the globe. It’s incredible to see the number of fundraisers created daily to raise funds for all related causes — GoFundMe has become the take action button of the internet.

Behind the scenes of every campaign is the GoFundMe Happiness team works around the clock, acting as coaches answering questions, and providing guidance throughout campaigns. If you are interested in raising money for a cause in your community, check out some tips from the GoFundMe Happiness team on how to run a successful campaign below or here

From local communities to celebrities, people are using GoFundMe to support each other in unprecedented numbers. Below are just a few campaign trends we are seeing. Some of these campaigns have raised millions for hospitals, shelters, and small businesses.

GoFundMe Campaign Trends – COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Hospitals and medical suppliesmedical centers are relying on the generosity of others to support medical staff and provide essentials during this crisis 
  2. Service/hourly wage workers: Hospitality workers and restaurant staff have been laid off (which is creating devastating impacts on lost wages and revenue).
  3. Small businesses: fundraisers for the local restaurant, cinema or workout studio, people are supporting one another and their most beloved businesses during this time of uncertainty. GoFundMe started a Small Business Relief Fund with partners Yelp and Intuit QuickBooks and has committed to collectively donate the first $1.5 million to the fund, people can donate here
  4. Underprivileged/homeless communities:Fundraisers to provide sanitation kits to the homeless population; food pantries are in dire need of donations 
  5. Food for kids following school closuresMany students rely on school meals for their only meal of the day. Teachers, and their communities have rallied together to ensure their students can eat, even when school isn’t in session. 
  6. Artists: event cancelations have had a disproportionate impact on people who rely on others showing up for events (musicians, DJs, caters, actors, etc.) 
  7. Refugee Relief: As the world is working together to battle and flatten the curve of COVID19, Refugees living in the Jerash, Jordan refugee camp are struggling to provide supplies to their families.

GoFundMe Happiness Team Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t be timid – We know this is a difficult time for many and that being open, honest, and asking for help isn’t easy. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, and communities. We’re all in this together and are here to support one another, despite the circumstances. 
  • Storytelling is Key – People are most receptive to an authentic and detailed story. The fundraiser stories that evoke hope and a vision for a brighter future, instead of simply stating facts, stand out.  Be genuine, write in your voice and be clear about the who, what, where, why. 
  • Fundraise together – Right now, people need ways to stay connected with others and do good. A little help from your friends can make fundraising for a cause you’re all passionate about easier, more fun, and more effective. Start a team fundraiser together.
  • Keep your donors updated – It’s important to post frequent campaign updates to make donors feel like they are part of the story. You can show what their donations mean to you and the impact it’s making.
  • Be transparent – Everyone is affected by this pandemic to varying degrees, yet people are wanting to help in ways they can see. So, be detailed about how the money will be used and share stories of people you have helped through your GoFundMe.

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