Share traffic to grow your sales and social impact for free. Get new customers with intuitive digital coupons and seamless cross-promotion for your mission-driven ecommerce store. Grow together.

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Boost your ROI

Cut back on customer acquisition costs and grow your store. GoodCarts is 100x cheaper than paid ads because it’s free.

Scale your impact

Join our unique community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and independent merchants working together to make a difference.

Launch in minutes

Set up your first offer and start promoting your store in minutes, without needing a degree in tech. Install free Shopify app

Easy and intuitive discounts and cross-promotion

Seamlessly share digital coupons with shoppers post-purchase from other “shop for good” stores in our community—and get more customers and sales from other mission-driven stores for free.

It’s the smartest way to reach more customers, grow your impact, and improve your ROI—for zero cost.

Think of us as a coupon on the back of the receipt. Only smarter and more sustainable.

GoodCarts Coupons

GoodCarts is the only cross-promotion platform specifically built for impact businesses, social enterprises… what we call “shop for good” stores.

When you sign up for GoodCarts, you’re getting more than just new customers. You’ll become a member of our network of online stores working together to make a difference for people, communities, and our environment.

How it Works

“GoodCarts is great! It was simple to set up and delivered new customers for free.”

Nishchal Banskota Founder, Nepal Tea