GreenStory Combines Sustainability Analysis with Informative Graphics to Make Conscious Consumerism More Transparent

GreenStory Sustainable Analysis

In episode 98 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Akhil Sivanandan, Co-founder of GreenStory on combining supply-chain sustainability analysis with informative graphics to help brands show customers the exact impact they can make by choosing sustainable products.

The mission of GreenStory has always been about helping consumers choose the more sustainable and ethical option. We all want to do the right thing but we need to know, and feel, the positive impact we’re making. By providing a simple, credible and flexible impact marketing platform, GreenStory is bringing a sustainable way of doing business into the mainstream.

About GreenStory

GreenStory combines supply-chain sustainability analysis with informative graphics and marketing strategies, making your business’ environmental choices stand out for all to see. The interactive data and impact visuals will inspire brand-customer affinity, increase conversion rates, and highlight your business’ green choices. GreenStory integrates the software with your e-commerce platform so consumers can experience carbon neutrality on each product page, every purchase email and beyond.

GreenStory currently has three solutions to help you stand out as a impact business and a conscious consumer. 

Akhil’s goal is to help companies and people achieve a greener and socially responsible way of doing business.

His experience includes strategic advisory for major global firms, public and private companies, non-profits, and the government.

On his journey, Akhil has worked in multiple impact roles:

  • Green marketing and analytics: helping companies with a positive environmental impact realise and communicate the value they create to customers
  • Management consulting and market research: exploring key strategic opportunities for companies, defining and achieving specific objectives for clients
  • Mergers and acquisitions: working on several aspects from valuation to integration for M&A moves in the utilities sector
  • Sustainability solutions: engaging with companies and developing sustainability risk metrics for markets
  • Business development and marketing: developing and executing methodologies to increase client reach
  • CSR and sustainability initiatives: Creating and participating in environmental and social outreach programs

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