Meet grunBAG, the Ethical Backpack for Sustainable Travelers


The biggest advantage and the greatest challenge of a traveler: a good backpack. Whether 60L or 20L, comfort, durability, and sustainability are three essential features considered before making a purchase. And when I make a purchase, it’s usually a forever bag or a “until the zippers fall off and holes form on the bottom” bag.

I’ve been trekking the world with my 40L pink backpack for years, but finding something for day-to-day activities when in destination; I can no longer count on my Jansport bag from 8th grade. I need something that goes above comfort, durability, and sustainability. I need to be able to organize my abundance of knick knacks I always have on me, and feel safe from any tricksters trying to get into my bag in crowded areas.

grünBAG, a new sustainable bag brand in the market hailing from Denmark, has become a new number one for me. Their colorful collections combine all three essential features with fun and vibrancy, and a variety of styles to choose from.

Founder and designer Helen Leegaard, developed the innovative brand while on a personal green journey. Her mission: reduce the amount of materials destined for the landfill by reusing industrial materials to create something unique. The result? A series of high quality bags designed from upcycled and sustainable textiles, great for any adventure, no matter how close or far they may take you.


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grünBAG offers a variety of bag styles, making it easy to find what works best for you. Whether a backpack, shoulder, crossbody, or sport/duffle bag, adjust to your needs with the recycled nylon and upcycled seatbelt straps.


Every grünBAG is crafted in upcycled truck tarpaulin, making each bag a warrior against scratches and tares. The material is extremely strong and water resistant, and keeps its slick look regardless of weather conditions.


I always get excited talking about the sustainability factor of new products. Each grünBAG is crafted from industrial waste materials and sustainable textiles. Some bags are entirely made from reused materials! Commons materials found in grünBAG collections include reused truck tarpaulins and sails, upcycled seat belts and webbing tapes, and recycled nylon and thermal protective suits.


The crossover computer bags are ideal for organizing, especially if you are a digital nomad. The multiple nooks around and inside the bag make it easy to keep things tidy. There’s nothing worse than having to pull out everything you own to find that the one thing you were looking for is sitting directly at the bottom of your bag.


I love the backpacks because they are a fold down top in addition to a velcro strap. I absolutely detest having to swing my backpack around to the front of me when I’m feeling a little uncertain of my surroundings. Knowing I can trust the safety of my backpack, and hear if someone is trying to get into it, is a huge stress reliever.


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With worldwide shipping available, check out grünBAG collections online now. Start your next adventure by reducing your environmental footprint simply through your choice of bag.

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