Hand in Hand Soap: Impacting the Industry One Bar at a Time


We’ve all heard of Social Enterprises. First with TOMS SHOES years ago and now so many more businesses are changing their business model to social enterprises or a B-CORP. It’s amazing that in today’s day in age things have evolved so quickly and businesses are started to giveback.

Customers are also LOVING the opportunity to invest in socially responsible products. It feels great to know companies like this are thriving and providing us with some pretty easy ways to be more responsible consumers.

Social impact soap

There is a new social enterprise in town called Hand In Hand Soap. They are literally cleaning the soap industry. Changing the way they create soap even back to how they sell soap.

Hand In Hand Soap, a company that works off of a “buy a bar, give a bar” model. Simply put, for every bar you buy they donate a bar to a community in need.

As the founders have a heart for Haiti, that is where their focus and their community outreach has primarily been focused and that is where I had the privilege to serve. Not only do they donate bars but they also teach the importance of hygiene.

Hand in Hand Soap: Impacting the Industry One Bar at a Time

What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you build a business model that seeks to provide resources it is crucial that you also provide the education needed for the community to take full advantage of those resources.

Those in highly impoverished areas don’t always understand the importance of hygiene and the long term effects to their health that poor hygiene can have.

It’s heartbreaking to me to know that 5 million children worldwide die every year due to water related illnesses, and that over 45% can be prevented by hand washing alone!

That’s both terrible and hopeful at the same time. Although so tragic to know so many deaths are so easily preventable- this makes it so easy for us all to get involved. Buy a bar!

When you buy a bar, Hand In Hand is empowered to not only provide the resource but come into the communities in Haiti and provide public health education that drastically improves the quality of life for those that they serve and their surrounding communities as well.


Also, don’t let this brand just fool you into thinking they are good because they giveback, but they are actually GOOD. All products are made in the USA with all natural ingredients.

Hand In Hand is an inspiring and well-thought out business dedicated to creating positive social change in the most responsible and sustainable way. They are Eco Friendly, Vegan & Cruelty Free, and best of all they are Palm Oil Free. They do not use any palm oil or palm oil derivatives in our ingredients.

If you weren’t aware of the damaging environmental effects from Palm Oil, read more here. Hand in Hand Soap, call themselves not only “Social Responsible” but “Sustainable Suds”. They are all around, ‘GOOD’.

So the next time you’re at an Ulta, Target or shopping on Amazon, buy a bar of soap, a bar of soap is going to be put into the hands of a child in Haiti, and someone is going to be speaking with them about the importance of washing their hands.

It’s sustainably made and responsibly distributed. And just know that, that person is going to play soccer with them, and laugh and run around and make an impact in their lives. They are going to have a very simple and impactful experience and that child’s life could potentially be saved by your purchase.

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