Meet Handprint, The Technology Platform Integrating Positive Sustainability Into Any Business

Meet Handprint, The Technology Platform Integrating Positive Sustainability Into Any Business

In episode 136 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, Causeartist contributor Rafael Aldon, speaks with Simon Schillebeeckx, Co-founder of Handprint and Global Mangrove Trust, on the convergence of digitization and sustainability.

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Simon is an academic entrepreneur devoting his time to better understanding how digitization and sustainability are converging. The new business models that grow out of this collision are not only the topic of his research but also inspired his entrepreneurial activities.

Simon Schillebeeckx

Simon is the Co-founder of Handprint and Global Mangrove Trust. He is also the Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at SMU – Singapore Management University. He holds a PhD in Management from Imperial College London alongside advanced degrees in Corporate Social Responsibility and Commercial Engineering.

About Handprint

Handprint is on a mission to integrate positive impact into every business transaction. The team has built a platform that connects companies to fantastic causes they curate with the help of their global impact board.

Handprint digitizes these causes and, once they establish a direct impact connection with an interested company, they automate, integrate, report, and visualize the positive impact actions corporate clients facilitate.

Handprint Sustainability Standards
Photo credit – Handprint

Rather than making sustainability an afterthought, Simon and the team focus on regeneration of ecosystems and the rebuilding of communities. By aligning positive impact with companies’ purpose and values, their commitment is real, is long-term, and unwavering.

By integrating and automating the positive impact actions with strategic KPIs, they know that your business growth genuinely becomes good for the world.

About Global Mangrove Trust

Mangroves are crucial ecosystems for addressing climate change. To support these incredible natural systems, Global Mangrove Trust works with local impact partners and leading teams around the world to ensure families and businesses are empowered and engaged in community-based mangrove forestry, no matter where they are on the planet, or within the value chain.

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